Biopsy + Breast Augmentation

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Hematoma following stereotactic breast biopsy?

I had stereo brst biopsy on oct 28. During proc they nicked artery putting clip in and I bled out a lot. They stopped bleeding and I proceeded to mamm... READ MORE

Is There Any Risk if I Get the Implants with Just Knowing the Results from an Ultrasound? Is a Biopsy Necessary?

I am 20 years old getting breast implants and recently found a lump on my left breast, I went ahead and had an ultrasound done after getting my... READ MORE

Had surgery to my cervix and they cut something there,and I have BA on monday. Can I still have the BA?

Hello everyone! First thing, a month ago, I HAD A biopsy and received the result 3 weeks after that, I was not expecting that its gonna have something... READ MORE

BA booked for Jan 12. My pap test showed a lump on my Uterus, need tests. Do I have to post pone my Breast Augmentation?

17 Dec 2014 • 25 days pre i went for a regular pap test, pallups were found. doctor is sending me to the the new year, my BA surg. is Jan12.... READ MORE

Can you have a breast biopsy if you have saline breast implants under the muscle?

I have history of scattered breast calcifications. Recent mammogram was BI rad 1 Negative. If I were to need a biopsy in future could I have one with... READ MORE

Is it normal that my insurance company approved augmentation on one breast after two biopsies ruined my left breast?

I had to have two biopsies on my left breast because of an intraductal papilloma and the after effects are very obvious. I am grateful for any type of... READ MORE

What causes breast lumps on silicone gel implants on/between the capsule? Could it be new scar tissue? 7 years post op

I am 31 have silicone gel implants and found a lump on right breast, mammogram and ultrasound today and they see something for sure but are unsure... READ MORE

Mammogram / ultrasound

Hi, I have previously posted concerns about lumpy type breast tissue and having BA with small cyst... As requested by my PS to have a updated... READ MORE

15 months post op, fat necrosis. What are my options to keep symmetry?

15 months post op, I have fat necrosis lumps appearing on the scar line (we have biopsied two). I am due to a breast revision due to areolas (came out... READ MORE

Can muscle and joint soreness in the arms be a sign of a ruptured implant?

I had a breast biopsy about 2 months ago and for the past 3 weeks have been experiencing muscle and joint soreness down both arms. Can it be a sign of... READ MORE

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