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I'm a Male With Natural 38C Breasts, Can I Go Much Bigger? (photo)

Ok im 30 im from pa im a male ive been told i look female my whote life im 206lbs i have natural 38c breasts now no hormones or anykinda drug i would... READ MORE

I Am Just 23 Years my Breast Size is 32. I Want to Increase my Size At Least 36?

Hello sir am just 23 years my breast size is 32. i want to increase my size atleast 36. Try to understand my problem. My friends are having 36,38. i... READ MORE

Pain in Right Breast After Augmentation

I had breast augmentation two months ago. I still have pain in my right breast, near to the breast bone area. At night if I sleep on the right side,... READ MORE

Stitch Abscess After Breast Augmentation?

I had Breast augmentation and Mastopexy in 2/2009. I had 1 follow-up visit with surgeon who performed surgery. I had to move for my job, so found... READ MORE

Advice for Breast Augmentation Redo After Pregnancy?

I currently have 350 HP breast implants, but I had a baby and the now sag. My nipple is just above the crease and I have about 1-2 inches of breast... READ MORE

What Procedure Will Remove the Rippling and Increase my Breast Size?

I had a breast aug. in 3/2008 with saline impants filled to 465cc over the muscle. I loved the results. Since then I have had another baby and breast... READ MORE

Will Implants Appear Larger After Dropping or Smaller from Decreased Swelling?

I had my implant exchange for silicone and changing to submuscular placement yester. My dr and I had discussed using 700-800cc hp. I wanted very full... READ MORE

Nipples Bigger After Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation 4 wks ago, I had 330cc under the muscle. Things are still settling as they remain a little high & swollen but I... READ MORE

Sleeping Position After Buttock and Breast Augmentation?

What position do doctors recommend patients sleep in if they get buttock augmentation and breast implants done at the same time? READ MORE

Transumbilical Vs Conventional Breast Augmentation

What is the difference between transumbilical Breast augmentation and conventional Breast augmentation? READ MORE

255cc Implants Under from 32b to 32dd, Is This a Normal Size Jump?

Hi There, 9 months ago I got my breasts done, I was a 32b and wanted a natural look. After 2 different consultations I found a breat specialist who... READ MORE

Is Going from 600cc to 800cc on a Female Bodybuilder Going to Make That Much of a Difference? (photo)

Hello! I am a 5 foot 8, 170 pound female bodybuilder who had breast augmentation surgery 5 months ago. I had 600cc high profile silicone implants... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post BA - My Right Breast Looks a Lot Bigger Than my Left

I had breast implants 5 weeks ago and over the last week or so I'm noticing that the right one is noticeably bigger. It is fuller, rounder and... READ MORE

How can I make my boobs grow bigger fast?

Im 14 years old and my boobs are getting even smaller!! I want to get bigger boobs like my friends but i don't know how... Please help me.. READ MORE

1 Month Post Breast Augmentation And They're Too Small. Will A 100cc Increase Be What I Want? (photo)

Hi, Im 26, 5'5, 128lbs. I am 4 weeks postop with my 1st breast aug' and feel ripped off! Preop I wore a 34B and currently I measure a 34D. I... READ MORE

Cost of Butt and Breast Augmentation in New Jersey?

I live in New Jersey and considering getting buttock augmentation and breast implants done. What's the cost of these procedures in my area? READ MORE

Will my breast implants look bigger once they drop?

Hi there, I am 5"11/2, 125 lbs 30" ribcage. Before ba I was a 36b but did not fill it out. I am happy with the shape but feel they do not look big... READ MORE

Questions to Ask During Breast Augmentation Consultation?

I'm Saba and I live in Pakistan. I am 30 years old with 2 babies. My breast have sagged big time, and I want to go for breast augmentation. Can you... READ MORE

5'6, 110lbs, Size 2 350CC Cohesive Gel Unders. Post-op One Year, Want to Reaugmentation to 500CC Cohesive Gel. Bad Idea?

I was 30A pre-op and now 30C. I have a small frame. I had my BA surgery about a year ago and i had 350CC gel unders. The "natural" look was achieved.... READ MORE

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