Areola Reduction + Breast Augmentation

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What Causes Overstretched Areolas and How to Prevent Them when Getting Breast Implants if One Has Small Areolas?

Hello, I am wondering what causes areolas to be over stretched after breast surgery and what are some precautions to take to prevent them from... READ MORE

I Have an Inverted Nipple, Large Areolas, and Sagging Breasts from Pregnancy, What are My Options? (photo)

I went from a 36C to a 40F while pregnant, now I am back to a 36C. I now have lifeless, sagging, breasts with extra skin and large areolas with a... READ MORE

Why Do my Breasts Look Like This? (photo)

The nipple is flat and the areola is very large and puffy in its relaxed state. my breasts also take a sort of triangular shape in relaxed state, is... READ MORE

Will an Areola Reduction and Implant Perk Up my Breasts? (photo)

Hi, will an Areola reduction and Implant perky up my breast? I’m 24 and my breast are hereditary, but I’m getting them done this year. I... READ MORE

Can You Correct Tuberous Breast Without Implants? (photo)

I am concerned about cancer. It apparently runs in my dad's side of the family. I like life and I heard a lot of pros and cons stories of women... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Areola Reduction?

Hi :) I am going to be getting breast augmentation done soon. I am currently a lovely deflated C thanks to my two lovely breast fed children. What I... READ MORE

Small, tubular, breasts, large areolas, far apart with low nipples. What treatments will not include an implant? (photo)

I've always had small breasts and a comparatively large areola. It is only recently that I've become aware of tubular breast deformity and I think... READ MORE

Are my areolas too big/can I fix them? (photo)

I'm 19 and constantly disgusted with my breasts, and people say they're fine but I'm self conscious about how large my areolas are. I'm super thin and... READ MORE

Are my Breasts Tubular/hypoplastic?

I know i must have some mild form of it, but are they severe? I don't really care about the size or shape, I basically just want the areola to be... READ MORE

Areola Reduction With Scarring- Revision?

Hi i had a BA and areola reduction didn't really work out cause the areola stretched back and now i have minor scars around the areola and its... READ MORE

What are My Options for Reducing the Areaolas and Adding Good Shape and Larger Size to my Breasts? (photo)?

I've hated my breasts forever! Id really like to change this before I start grad school and get too busy. What I really want is just to have a... READ MORE

What Procedures Are Necessary to Fix my Areolas, Nipples and Shape of my Breasts? (photo)

I am 20 years old, 150 lbs and no pregnancies. I would like my areolas smaller and my nipples more prominent. They usually are flat against my breast... READ MORE

Do I Need to Have my Breast Augmentation Before my Areola Reduction or Viceversa?

Do I Need to Have my Breast Augmentation Before my Areola Reduction or Viceversa? Thank you. READ MORE

What Procedures Would I Have to Do in Order to Have my Breasts Look Like my Wish Pictures? (photo)

I had an areola reduction but it did not correct the "puffiness" of my areolas because it is actually my breast pushing forward into my areolas. My... READ MORE

Do I Have Tubular Breasts? What Surgery Would You Suggest? (photo)

I am unhappy with the look of my breasts. My right breast in smaller and both areola are large. READ MORE

Why are my breasts so far apart? What can I do to improve them, and can I have my areolas reduced? (Photo)

I m 20 yaer old my breast size is small but areola is bigger but my question is, i want my breast close to each other. i feel guilty when i see them READ MORE

Unhappy with Areola Size 4 Months Post Augmentation/lift, Possible to Reduce Them Further?

I asked my ps to reduce the areola size and I do believe he did but not enough, or maybe they stretched back out from the implants. If I wanted to ask... READ MORE

Need a Great Doctor Who Can Help with my Breast. One is Bigger Than the Other, Reducing the Size of Areolas? (photo)

I am looking forward to breast augmentation but i want a great doctor who has experience dealing with people who have a larger breast than the other .... READ MORE

Costs For Breast Lift, Implants And Areola Reduction After Weightloss

I've lost over 100lbs,and have around 40lbs more to lose.I need a lift and would like implants,and Im wondering what type of lift would be best.I... READ MORE

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