Antibiotic + Breast Augmentation

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After Breast Augmentation I've Been Told I'll Need Antibiotics Every Time I Have any Procedure, True?

My PS says that after my BA(silicone) I have to be treated like having e.g. an artificial heart valve, so everytime I have any procedure done... READ MORE

Normal To Take Antibiotics After Breast Aug for Dental Cleaning? Why Exactly? Do You Suggest It? Thx

A big thanks for the great response to my last question. You all helped put my mind at ease. I had breast aug/lift last week. Next month I have a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation While Taking Antibiotics?

I have breast augmentation scheduled in 5 days and started antibiotic for an abcessed tooth yesterday. Can I still go through with the surgery or... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Breast Augmentation Antibiotic For Easy Bruisers?

I will like to know what kind of antibiotic do you prescribe and do you recommend starting it before or after breast augmentation? and What do you... READ MORE

Implants ~ MRSA Tests Came Back Negative, Am I Good To Go?

Staph infection turned MRSA from spider bite on hip. Can I still get implants? Tests came back neg after antibiotics. Will I need to be on antibiotics... READ MORE

I Have a Small Infection from a Tooth Extraction. Is It Ok to Have Taken an Antibiotic 2 Weeks Before my Breast Augmentation?

I Have a Small Infection from a Tooth Extraction. Is It Ok to Have Taken an Antibiotic 2 Weeks Before my Breast Augmentation? READ MORE

It is Safe to Take Amoxicillin After Breast Surgery?

I have a blader infection and my doctor gave me a prescription for amoxicillin, it is safe to take after a month of having breast lift with implants... READ MORE

My Scars (Areola Incisions) Hurt Internally and to the Touch. - Any Ideas?

I'm 14 Months Post-op BA and Its Never Subsided. I have consistently had pain in both breasts behind each incision (areola), moreso on the right... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Open Incision Three Weeks?

I had a breast augmentation done three weeks ago and I slipped 10 days postop and slightly opened my incision which is located in the crease. I... READ MORE

Am I Suppose to Take my Antibiotics 3 Days Before my Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I am confused because at one pre op consult she marked it out and didn't mention it , she just mentioned the other supplements but not the... READ MORE

Have a Fever After Draining From Breast Infection, Is It a Side Effect Of The Infection or the Antibiotics?

I had a breast infection went to dr. They drained it and put some medicine strip inside the nipple. I removed after two days like I was told to do.... READ MORE

Itchy After Taking Antibiotics After Breast Augmentation, is This Normal?

Hello! I just had my BA done on Feb 21 (Thursday) at 8 am. I have 550CC silicone gel smooth round mentor, placed under the muscle. My recovery has... READ MORE

Serious Pain Not Diminishing One Week After Augmentation -- Unusual?

My wife had her augmentation surgery six days ago, Wednesday. Silicone implants, 300cc in one breast, 255cc in the other. She was prescribed oral... READ MORE

Swelling at the Inframammary Incision 2 Wks Postop, Infected? (photo)

I need a second opinion, please. Is my right side incision infected or what else could cause such swelling? My PS says it's not infected, but he did... READ MORE

Breast Implants + Tattoos + Antibiotics?

Hello, I am aware about the suggestion of taking antibiotics before any dental works, but what about when getting a tattoo done? Would it be a good... READ MORE

Having Breast Augmentation in 5 Days but Am Taking Antibiotics for an Infection in Toe, is This Safe?

I am due to have breast augmentation in 5 days. but resently have had an infection in my toe which i have been proscribed auntibiotics for. the nurse... READ MORE

Infection, Seroma or Incision Trauma? (photo)

3 Mos ago i had my ba i was healing very well until 2 1/2 PO went out of country. Carried heavy luggage and 3 year old child and where I was weather... READ MORE

Dental Work One Week After Boob Surgery?

Hi I had my surgery in Friday.... the Friday after aka one week post op my mom who is a dentist did some minor dental work... she worked on a filling... READ MORE

Can Antibiotics Effect the Integrity of a Saline Breast Implant Valve?

A friend of mine was watching this show called 'monsters inside me' which discusses real, rare medical mysteries which are later discovered to be... READ MORE

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