Age Limit + Breast Augmentation

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Can a 16 Year Old Have Breast Augmentation?

My daughter has one very small breast, noticably uneven breasts and she is impacted emotionally by this. Can this be repaired at her age? Because of... READ MORE

Do you have to be 22 to get silicone breast implants? Does it change depending on your state?

I'm considering getting breast implants but I am 19 and recently heard you could only get silicone implants if you're 22. A few weeks later, I read... READ MORE

58 Years Old and Healthy. Too Old for Implants?

I am in excellent health and exercise daily. I'm 5'8", 126 pounds. Look better now than I ever have. No tummy. Curvy from waist thru hips... READ MORE

Silicone or Gummy Bear breast implants for a patient under 22 years old?

I am 18 years old and currently researching breast augmentation. I've spoken to a number of doctors and made many consultation appointments. I know... READ MORE

Can a 15 Year Old Get a Breast Augmentation?

Yes or no? If so, where? I'll go anywhere. Even if it involves traveling. READ MORE

I am turning 51. Am I too old for a breast lift?

Is 51 too old too consider a breast lift? I am a 36 C and like the size but I have considerable sagging. I don't care to be any larger just perkier!.... READ MORE

Breast enhancement for men?

Does age come into play when asking for breast enhancement READ MORE

I'm 21 years old and want silicone implants. Can I get them if I have a signed waiver?

I live in vegas.. And I'm thinking of getting BA. I've always wanted silicone and I turned 21 in feb. IS IT OR IS IT NOT true that you CAN get... READ MORE

Can I Have Plastic Surgery at 14?

I am 14 years old and have at least a cup size difference in my breasts and it causes me to have a very low self esteem regarding clothes I wear, swim... READ MORE

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Breast Lift with Implants in Michigan?

I've searched it and found a bunch of different ages. So I would just like to know how old you have to be to gets breast lift with implants in Michigan? READ MORE

What's the Earliest Age to Eligibile for a Fat Transfer?

I am quite a young age and it is a odd procedure (so I have been told), Ive been looking to get the procedure for my breasts. Not the Butt lift. READ MORE

Is surgery for a Developmental Deformity under 18 years of age possible?

So after doing research, it turns out I have a form of breast ptosis called Parenchymal Maldistribution. I was at first confused since I had thought... READ MORE

Can a 17 year old get breast augmentation?

I am a 17yrs old 5'0 and weigh between 98 to 100 pounds. I started my period when I was 11, Since then my breast have not grown much and I still fit... READ MORE

Can someone under 18 get a breast lift?

I feel really insecure about my breast because most girls my age have nice round cleavage and my breast are saggy please help me on the right surgery... READ MORE

Am I old enough for a reconstructive breast augmentation?

Hello, I'm 16 and I have tuberous breast deformity. My areolas are stretched out (2 inches diameter), I'm only a b cup and my breasts haven't grown in... READ MORE

Is there any way I can get silicon breast implants under the age of 22?

I'm about to turn 18 and have wanted a breast augmentation for years. I'm a 32b. It's something that has completely diminished my self esteem. I... READ MORE

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