Above Muscle + Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation for Body Builders - Above the Muscle?

I'm a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter and I'm looking to have saline implants placed above the muscle. I'm currently a 34 A and would like to... READ MORE

Can a Small Implant Placed Above the Muscle Look Natural in a Thin Woman? (photo)

I am having doubts between submuscular and subfascial placement. I am a thin woman, which for most PS is a sign to go with submuscular or dual plane... READ MORE

What Size Implants Do I Need to Go From an A/B to a D Cup? (photo)

I am 34b some bras that are an A fit. i am 122 pounds 5'8'' i am getting a lift too. the doc thinks i should not go higher then 325 ccs... READ MORE

What Is The Differences Between Size to Size in Cc's?

Hello I put 485cc extra high silicone implants, in front of the muscle! At the time I was undecided between 450cc and 500cc and the doctor put 485cc _... READ MORE

I want the stripper look - Below muscle or above? (photo)

I want them to together and no sag do I need to go below muscle are above? READ MORE

How Much Exactly is Enough? BA Above Muscle

Greetings :)I'm a 5'8" tall, 143 Lbs former pro swimmer practicing boxing , mixed Martial Arts and Bushido.My actual size is more or less... READ MORE

Small (36A), pointy breasts. Are above the muscle, "gummy-bear" implants ideal?

I'm no fitness freak, but I enjoy working out/ lifting weights; hence was told above the muscle would be better. But would the form stable,... READ MORE

4 months post op. I think something is wrong with the left (larger) breast. Does this look normal? (photos)

Mentor silicone above muscle. 325 moderate profile left. 400 high profile right. I think the left breast or implant looks like it is hanging or odd... READ MORE

What can be done post-op to prevent capsular contractor?

What can be done pre-op or post-op to prevent capsular contrator. Above muscle saline or silicone? I heard massaging. But, is there anything else that... READ MORE

5 days post op, I have hardness after Breast Augmentation. Is this normal?

I am 5 days post op with 450 above the muscle as had tubular breast and alot of muscle above and my surgeon felt this would be best , and do love the... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, have I got symmastia? (photos)

I am four weeks post op. I had 375cc tear drop implants moderate plus above the muscle inserted. Pre op my breasts were very wide apart so I wanted to... READ MORE

Dr said Due to narrow chest, and long neck to crease, said above muscle. Going under would increase that length? (photo)

I liked the Dr I had consult with. Did my research and knew I wanted the Sientra implants. I want a natural look. I am 36, mother of 3 . I breast fed... READ MORE

I have this indentation line in my right breast. Do I need the implant to go above the muscle? (photos)

After I had my 2nd baby a indentation line appeared on my left boob. At first my surgeon thought I could go dual plane but I saw him today and now he... READ MORE

Post Op questions after 2 weeks

I am 2 weeks post-op: above muscle,polyurethane implants,310 CC. I love the result, but my surgeon is not much of a talker. Please help: -He asked me... READ MORE

Which would you recommend for Breast Augmentation; Under or Above the Muscle? What would be Best in my case? (photos)

29 y/o Mother of 2 who breast fed.I've been considering a BA for some time but have been afraid.I'm currently a B cup & want to be a natural,sexy C... READ MORE

Should I go above or below the muscle? (photo)

2 yes ago I had a reduction which slightly lifted my breast. Since then my breast lost its fullness after my second child I decided I need implants. I... READ MORE

Could it be a Mondor's cord in cleavage area? (photos)

I have what feels like a firm cord in the mid-lower cleavage area of my left breast. It is roughly 1cm long. When I press on it , it does not change... READ MORE

When is it recommend to position an implant above the muscle?

I have drooping in my left breast after breast feeding I really would like to avoid a full lift for as long as possible or at all. I really haven't... READ MORE

Recovery from Breast Augmentation with implants placed above the muscle.

I am booked in for Friday 5th September. I am very nervous but was wondering about recovery time. I am having mine placed above the muscle READ MORE

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