AA To C Cup + Breast Augmentation

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Breast Implants - Options for Very Small Slightly Saggy Breasts

Hi there, I have very small (slightly saggy AA) breasts. I want to have breast implants (cup size C) but would like opinions on size etc. I really... READ MORE

Is 450cc too Big for Me? (photo)

My PS has suggested 450cc high profile shaped submuscular silicone implants. I am 5'8" 135lbs currently 34 -36 AA. I want a full C that will produce... READ MORE

AA Cup to C Cup with Small Frame? (photo)

Sorry for my bad english ;) I'm very small, 5'2'' and 95lbs. I have an aa cup, very similar to that in the first picture. I have always wanted a c... READ MORE

Are 400 cc Implants Too Big for Someone with AA Cup? (photo)

I am a competitive cyclist, 54 y/o, 5'-9"-145 lbs. I have minimal breast tissue (AA) and my skin is firm but not tight. My ideal size is C to... READ MORE

285cc Need Advice for Full C Look? (photo)

I am about 7st,32AA,5.3f (petite frame). My hopes are to achieve full C. First I was advised to go with 260cc, but I felt they were too small. He said... READ MORE

Will 275cc Filled to 295cc Saline Implants Take Me Lower Than a B Cup?

Hi, I'm having my BA on July 10th and I am worried that my implants (275cc filled to 295cc saline, moderate profile, under muscle) won't take me... READ MORE

What Size Should I Go to to Have Natural Looking Breasts?

I am 5ft 2, weigh 8 stone 7 pounds. I am a size 10 in some shops and size 8 in others. My breasts are about a size 34AA-34A. Again I am not sure as... READ MORE

Im 41 Year Old Male Living As Amale and a Female at Night?

I am currently a 32aa would like to be a 32c under going breast enlargment surgery? Ive been wearing a padded bra since I was 11. I hope it can be done. READ MORE

I'm 5'7, 145lbs with Saggy Deflated Breast. Can I Go from 34aa to 700cc?

I breastfed my four children and my breast are saggy and deflated looking. I was told that bc I have an atheletic medium built body that 700ccs would... READ MORE

Will this big gap stay there forever? (photo)

Hi , i have BA last sunday with 350cc mentor hp silicone under muscle. this picture is day 2 post op. i feel like there is too big gap between my... READ MORE

What Size Breast Implants to Take Me from 32A/AA to Full B or Small C?

I am a 21 year old petite Asian female (160cm, 47kg) with very minimal breast tissue, currently wearing a 32A/AA bra size, and am deciding on an... READ MORE

Are Natural Looking Saline Implants Possible for Me? (photo)

I am wanting saline implants due to the recommended MRI every couple of years that comes with silicone implants. I am 5'4" 125lbs, and currently a... READ MORE

In Choosing the Size of Breast Implants Desired, What Things Should I Consider? (photo)

I recently posted a question asking if I could go from a 34aa to 700ccs without a lift. I have severly sagging breast with no volume. I am adding a... READ MORE

I am 5 days post op, was a size 32AA to begin with and received 280cc round unders, could I achieve a large B small C? (Photo)

I know their is still some swelling there as I am only 5 days post op, so will the size that I am currently sitting at reduce in days/weeks to come? I... READ MORE

Am I Suitable for a BA?

I am wanting to have a BA done after 3 children and loosing all my baby weight plus mpre, I am only small size 157cm 48kg, I am worried I wont have... READ MORE

How big(cup size) is normal for a petite frame? (photo)

How big of cc's suggested to obtain big C cup? Presently lost in AA cup! READ MORE

I Am 6 Weeks Post Op with Loss of Sensation of a Large Portion on Each Breast. When Can I Expect for Sensation to Return?

I am 6 weeks post op breast augmentation with 250 cc cohesive gel textured tear drop implants. I went from a 32 AA to a 32 full C. Since the surgery,... READ MORE

Will a breast augmentation look nice and natural even if I have a wide sternum and my nipples point slightly out?

I'm a 34AA currently and I'm hoping to become a C cup. I went to a consultation and was surprised by the 3D simulations because my breasts seemed to... READ MORE

Breast Augmentaion Complications: Breast Feeding?

I had an augmentation from a AA to a C cup at 24 years old. I am currently 32. Saline implants, under the muscle, and full retention of nipple... READ MORE

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