8 Months Post-op + Breast Augmentation

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Why is One Boob Bigger Than the Other?

Had a breast augementation 8 months ago and my left breast is bigger than the other also my nipples are not in the centre like they should be. its... READ MORE

Why Did a Pinhole with Discharge Appear Along Areola Incision Scar?

Help! I had breast reaugment May/2011. All went fine. Few mnths ago noticed R arm/shlder getting weak. Then noticed pin-sized hole appeared on R... READ MORE

Uneven Breast After Lift and Augmentation Causing Difficulties Wearing Bra, What Should I Do? (photo)

I had a breast lift with augmentation 8 months ago but my breast looks more uneven. The left side has a 200cc saline implant and on the right a 180 cc... READ MORE

8 Months Post Rhinoplasty, Is This Swelling or a Polly Beak?

Fortunately, one side of nose looks perfect! The other side, however, (the one that needed the most work) is still looking pretty swollen even after 8... READ MORE

I Had Silicone Breast Augmentation 8 Months Ago and I Feel Like There's Lumps Deep Inside in the Areola Part on the Left Breast?

Since the surgery i always felt the left side never felt normal like the other side. If i jogged it felt weird and aerola was always sensitve on the... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Deal with Capsular Contracture?

I had silicone implants under the muscle to correct tubular breasts 8 months ago. I now have capsular contracture baker grade 3 on the left for the... READ MORE

My Breast Don't Look Round? (photo)

Im 26 years old and had Full lift with augmentation done 8 months ago.I got saline implants under the muscle, right 325cc, left 390 cc. My breast look... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Painful, Firm & Tender Breast 8 Month Post-operative After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I'm 22 years old. I had severe breast asymmetry since I was 13 probably due to Poland's Syndrome. 8 months ago I had a correction surgery. I... READ MORE

Why is One Breast Lower Than the Other? (photo)

It's been 8 months since my BA and my right breast keeps getting sagging. The left breast is firmer and higher. I don't believe at this point my left... READ MORE

8 Months Post Ba? (photo)

I posted at the 3month mark. My right side is still slightly rounder but guess thats to be expected as I had 345cc on right and 300 on left breast.... READ MORE

Red Patch on Breast 8 Months PO, This is Normal? (photo)

I had Breast Augmentation (Saline) 8 months ago but 3 months ago I noticed a red dot above my left nipple that I thought was a pimple and I squeezed.... READ MORE

Breast Tissue Sagging Again Over Implants? (photo)

8 months ago I got a breast lift & 400ml, round, silicon implants. My natural breast tissue has began resagging over my implant. My doctor didnt... READ MORE

Vertical Scar Widening As Well As Adverse Reaction to Kenalog Injections? (photo)

8 months post op. BA and full lift. The vertical scar is completely healed and superficially widening. My doctor said that this was because the tissue... READ MORE

Implant Replacement - What is the Suction Noise and Sensation I Am Feeling?

I had silicone implants put in about 8 mo ago, I replaced my 8 year old saline that had capsule. Yesterday I started to feel like a sucking sensation... READ MORE

Breast Feel Uncomfortable when Laying Down?

Hi I am about 8 months post op. I have 350cc silicone in both breasts under the muscle. Lately it has been very noticeably uncomfortable when laying... READ MORE

How can I reduce upper back pain post breast augmentation?

I had surgery 4/11/13. I came back to work this week only to find severe back pain. I took the remainder of this week off but I have to go back to... READ MORE

Needing One Breast to Drop Still 8 Months After Surgery?

I had breast implants put in 8 months ago, they are under the muscle, silicone implants. The right one has dropped and given a beautiful result.... READ MORE

Sharp pain in my left breast near bottom of cleavage area during certain movements. Whats happening? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation revision in April of 2013. I switched from 390cc saline to 650 cc high profile silicone. I had to have a Capsulloraphy... READ MORE

Lanolin for Stretch Marks? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation almost 8 months ago. I went from 34A to 34DD and didn't have enough breast tissue to begin with. I know that stretch marks... READ MORE

What is This Pain Under my Right Breast when I Extend my Arm over my Head to Stretch Lasts a Week?

Had a breast augmentation June 2012 inflammatory crease, partial muscular placement (silicone). 5 weeks post op large pop noise heard when partner... READ MORE

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