7 Years Post-op + Breast Augmentation

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What could cause sudden red, itchy bruise looking spot on breast? (photos)

I woke up this morning with the side of my right breast itching like crazy! When I looked in the mirror it looks like a hickey with red speckles. I... READ MORE

Left Breast Appears to Have Bottomed out but Wanting to Start a Family? (photo)

Hi I had breast aug in nov 2005 I'm 27 years old and approx 2 stone heavier since my BA! I have recently noticed a change in my left breast this year... READ MORE

I Had Ba 7 Years Ago. Over the Last Month, I Am Noticing a Rippling Feeling on the Outside of my Left Nipple?

I had ba 7 years ago. Over the last month, I am noticing a rippling feeling on the outside of my left nipple when doing my breast exams that was never... READ MORE

I Had a BA and Lift 7 Years Ago. Now my Nipple Stand at Attention.Why?

Why do my nipples get hard(as if I'm cold or excited,when I'm not).It is embarassing. READ MORE

What is Causing my Pain 7 Years After Breast Augmentation (Is It Related to Implants)?

BA with 300cc textured, saline implants, under the muscle, incision near the crease of the breasts. I have suddenly developed pain on the outside and... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Augmentation? (photo)

I had 480cc saline implants put in 7 years ago. Since then I have had two children and breast fed and hate the way they look now. I would like to... READ MORE

7 years post-op and MRI shows both silicone implants are ruptured? (photo)

Can I get get them removed and new ones put in one procedure? Before implants I'm a A cup. Ruptured implants are 285cc. I do want to go a little... READ MORE

Are my implants of 7 years bottoming out? Incision in crease, implants placed sub-muscular.

In Dec. 2007 I went from a 32A to 32D with high-profile saline implants. Immediately there was rippling on the sides when bending forward, and I can't... READ MORE

What are my options to correct dented right side cleavage. (photos)

My initial breast augmentation was done 7 years ago. The right side had a severe dent that went the whole length of cleavage. I had revision surgery... READ MORE

7 yrs post op, my right breast is swollen and hot to the touch. Swelling is more prominent lower cleavage. Is this normal?

Swelling is more prominent lower cleavage area of breast. Yesterday I was sure I had the flu. 3 Advil and a nap, I woke with right breast swollen... READ MORE

I had an infection 2 weeks after surgery and now have Capsular Contracture 7 years post Breast Augmentation. Are they related?

7 yrs p surgery, now cap contr to side that had infection 2wks post op. No antibiotics until S&S, Reading all this can cause cc?Implants saline, under... READ MORE

Rippling: Surgery or not?

Hi, I had breast Augmentation 7 years ago. Went from a size AA to B. No Issues.Saline implants. Now I noticed a slight elevation of the skin around... READ MORE

What causes breast lumps on silicone gel implants on/between the capsule? Could it be new scar tissue? 7 years post op

I am 31 have silicone gel implants and found a lump on right breast, mammogram and ultrasound today and they see something for sure but are unsure... READ MORE

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