4 Ft 11 In And Under + Breast Augmentation

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Breast Very Uneven After Augmentation

I have had Mentor silicone gels placed, submuscularly exactly 4 weeks ago. I am 4'11" and 97 lbs.,very petite frame. My PS recommended a... READ MORE

Small Frame with Silicone High Profile 275cc, 280cc, 300cc?

I am 4'11 95lbs and currently a 30AA/small padded 32A. I want to be a C but do not want to go any large in fears of making me looking shorter and... READ MORE

What Breast Implant Size Would You Suggest for my Body Type?

I am 4'9 and weigh around 110 lbs. My shoulders are very broad and I currently wear a 34A. I am considering a breast augmentation and would want to go... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation- I Want Nice Boobs, NOT BIG Boobs! Mentor Moderate Profile Saline? (Photo)

I have a breat augmentation scheduled in a week. I want to be a full C/ small D. Absolutely, not a DD!!! About me: 4'11 140 lbs Bra size- 36B/34C... READ MORE

Breast Lift, Implant? (photo)

I'm 22, 4'11, 128 lbs with a deflated D cup. Prepregnancy weight was 115lbs with a full B cup. I think my breast tissue was destroyed from pregnancy... READ MORE

My breasts have a gap between them when not wearing bra. Nipples are too high and constantly hard. Need bigger implants? (Photo)

8 months post op, nipples hard. They look awesome when wearing bra, but still dont even touch together with pushup bra. When not wearing bra, they are... READ MORE

I want a boob job but unsure of size. How can I keep them looking real instead of fake? (Photo)

I am 130 pounds and 4"11 I have a b cup right now and want to maybe see what a c cup would look like and I want to know if there's a way to keep them... READ MORE

I Had Breast Implants 7 Days Ago. I Am 4'10" and 100 Lbs. I Got Under the Muscle, Saline, 285 Cc? (photo)

I Was a Saggy, Deflated C Cup. I wanted my breasts to look very round. as you can see, they do not look round. I forgot to mention they are high... READ MORE

Breast implants and post op size - How many cc's is one cup size?

I'm currently a small A cup with 30 band. I am very petite, and my stats are 4'11 and 90 lbs, my ribcage is 24" and my BWD is 11. I'm going to get 160... READ MORE

2 Months and 5 Days Post Op Breast Augmentation and Left Breast Higher Than Right? (photo)

My left breast is significantly higher than my right. I am very concerned as to whether my right is bottoming out or if my left just hasnt completed... READ MORE

Would Saline Be a Good Choice for Us with Very Little Breast Tissue?

I am a very petite 27 year old at 4' 11" and 90 lbs. I'm looking into breast augmentation, but I'm having a difficult time deciding if it's right for... READ MORE

I Have Gotten Implants 5 Days Ago I Think There to Big Will They Stay This Size? (photo)

I am 4'8 95 lbs 24 years old i was a 30 A and have gotten a 315 put in measuring at a 34 i think there to big for my frame READ MORE

I'm a size 32C and want to be a 32D. Which implant size would be best? I'm 4'8" and weigh 92 pounds (Photo)

I am 4'8", 92lb. I am a size 32C and would like to be a 32D. One of my main objectives is to even out my breasts as they are a little uneven. The PS i... READ MORE

What is an Appropriate Size for my Petite Frame?

I am 26 y/o and having BA w/ Lift on May 9th.I am 4'11" & weigh 90-95 lbs.I am currently a 32B.I carry weight in my breasts and have had... READ MORE

I'm 4'11, 92lbs, 12 BWD. Is 210 Cc Moderate Enough to Achieve a Full B Cup from an AA Cup?

I want to look as natural as possible. My PS recommended 210-240 cc moderate round silicone. Should I go with 240 cc instead of 210? READ MORE

I'm 4'11, 90 lbs, and 32 A/B. Do you think 275 moderate plus would be a better size than 350hp? (photos)

I am having my breast augmentation on Friday and starting to think 350hp are going to be too big on my frame. 4'11.5" 90lbs 11.5 bwd 32a/32b Do you... READ MORE

Can't Decide What Size Implant to Go with?

Here are my stats: weight 110 height 4 feet 11 inches I am currently a 32 b cup size 13 inch diameter. I have 3 children and breast fed them all for... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation For My Measurements?

I scheduled my BA finally!!. I am still chewing on size, I am going for the silicone, but not sure of size. I always been busty, I am roughly a... READ MORE

I am 4' 11", 105 lbs, 32B. Do I have tubular breasts? (photos)

Curious if I have tubular breast? If I do will that make a it more expensive than just a breast augmentation. I am 4' 11" and 105lbs. I wear a 32B at... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Look Too Small After 5 Weeks?

Pre-op my bra size was a 34b. I am 4'11 and weigh 107lbs. My implants are HP saline 430cc's in the left and 470cc's in the right under muscle via... READ MORE

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