2 Days Post-op + Breast Augmentation

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How Soon Should I Start Massaging After a Breast Augmentation?

I am at the end of my 2nd day of post op, I am 5'6 134lbs, and was given 600cc's high profile silicone under the muscle. I was very small, an... READ MORE

One Breast Larger Than the Other After Breast Augmentation/with a Lift. Is This Normal ??

I am 2 days post op and my left breast was slightly smaller pre -op. I received 425 cc in both Right and Left (moderate profile plus). My left breast... READ MORE

Why Do my Breasts Look Very Funny After Surgery, Smaller and Spaced Apart? (photo)

I got my BA two days ago, I know its still kind of early but I'm really scared. I really wanted cleavage(naural looking) but my ps said that my... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Recover at Home Alone After the 2nd Day of BA Surgery?

I'm having a breast augmentation surgery under the muscle. My boyfriend is going to pick me up from the clinic and we are staying in a hotel the... READ MORE

2 Days Post Op BA and I Feel They're Too Small. What Can I Expect From The Final Result?

So i am 2 days post op,i recieved 470cc(R) and 475(L) in order to achieve a 450cc look i got smooth round HP under the muscle.with a crease incision.... READ MORE

I had breast augmentation under the muscle 2 days ago. Normal Bruising or Hematoma? (photo)

I had breast augmentation under the muscle 2 days ago and have noticed bruising under my right breast around the incision area. I don't feel any extra... READ MORE

What's Going to Happen Next? (photo)

This is me 2 days post op 300cc mentor smooth round silicone moderate plus profile implants. They are tight, hard, perky and I don't think I have a... READ MORE

What Size Will I End Up with from a 32A with a Allergan Low Profile 230 Gr, Under Muscle? (photo)

I'm 2 days after the b.a. surgery, and my breasts are swollen, look like a small 32C now, but I'm really worried because I think that I... READ MORE

2 Days After Mastopexy and a Breast Augmentation; Hematoma Maybe Seroma? (photo)

I say maybe seroma because I have a lot of fluid draining still. Today 6-21-12 I got freaked out after squeezing several blood clots. This is in the... READ MORE

Is Squishing Noise & Swelling Normal 2 Days Post Breast Augmentation?

Is it normal to have squishing noise and swelling on my sternum, sides & back after BA two days ago?I got silicon unders, 325 and 350 READ MORE

Are My Nipples Going to Even Out? One Seems to Be Higher then the Other.

My breast lift with implants was done 8-1, I know swelling goes down and they take months to lower but if from the start nipples are not even... READ MORE

Post-op Bra Uncomfortable. Pain and Indentation, Normal?

Hi! I just had my BA surgery Friday morning...I was out by 1PM...So I guess tomorrow will technically be 2 days post-op (but the third day). I was... READ MORE

Swelling and Size Reduction After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had my BA 2 days ago a I have 210 round silicone under muscular implants in a modest profile. I wanted to go a bit bigger but all the ps's i... READ MORE

Im 2 Days Post Op, Felt a Popping?

I was sleeping elevated on my chaise when I went to get up, I tried to ease up but I had to put both hands down to help push myself up, when I did... READ MORE

Breast Surgery 2 Days Ago. Left Breast Looks Odd? (photo)

Hi, I have attached a pic of my breasts I had surgery on 2 days ago. Before surgery my left breast was 23cm,right21cm and my surgeon advised implants... READ MORE

Is This Normal Swelling and Bruising for Day 2 PO Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I am concerned about the amount of swelling and dark bruising I have. My PS is on vacation and I sent him pictures of the bruising which he thinks... READ MORE

Scar Reducing Cream After Breast Augmentation?

I have the incision on the breast fold 48 hours ago. The incisions still have the steri-tape, but I would like to be proactive with reducing the scar... READ MORE

Will this big gap stay there forever? (photo)

Hi , i have BA last sunday with 350cc mentor hp silicone under muscle. this picture is day 2 post op. i feel like there is too big gap between my... READ MORE

Is It Safe for Me to Have a Breast Enlargement then Have my Tonsils out 2 Days Later?

Is It Safe for Me to Have a Breast Enlargement then Have my Tonsils out 2 Days Later? READ MORE

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