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After Getting a Brazilian Buttlift Can You Do Regular Exercise?

Say that you are completely healed and a year has passed from the getting the Brazilian Buttlift, can you go back to doing regular exercise (i.e.... READ MORE

Should I Stop Working out So I Have Enough Fat for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Greetings Medical Sculptors! I'm 28, 164lbs, 5'8", & I'm seeking a better rear. I work incredibly hard at the gym & have... READ MORE

8 wks post BBL, why does my butt get swollen with mild pain/warmness after I do a tiny work out (no weights)? - (photos)

I had BBL 8 weeks ago (03/10/14). May 2nd,I did squats w/o weights,3sets of 12 reps & the next day I woke up swollen on the right butt cheek,in mild... READ MORE

Is it okay to do squats and lunges 3 weeks after BBL?

Is it ok to do squats and lunges (no cardio) after 3 weeks of BBL? How would this effect the fat transfer? Thank you. READ MORE

I'm getting a Brazilian Butt Lift in Nov, how much weight should I gain if any? (photos)

Hello, I'm set for a BBL in Nov w/lipo on the thighs. I live in Arizona my doc is in Miami. I'm 5'3 1/2 & weigh currently 133lbs, measurements, 32,... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

Is it possible to get the same results from doing the Brazilian butt lift workout DVD as I'd get from the surgery? READ MORE

A huge dent right after Brazilian Butt Lift! Is this normal? (photos)

I had a brazillian butt lift done n right after I noticed a huge dent on my right buttock. I noticed that when I'm laying in bed u can't see or feel... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift: will the fat grafted injections burn off if I am a workout junkie? (photos)

I plan on getting a BBL done in the next 6 months, I'm 5'1 & 116 lbs. I have those "problem areas" I want grafted into my bum. However I do workout 6... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure? (photos)

I would like to get a BBL in the NYC or FL area and wanted to know if I was a viable candidate. I work a desk job that requires me to sit for long... READ MORE

Is building up my leg and butt muscles a good idea before a BBL with fat transfer from the abdomen, flanks, back and bra-line?

I am planning for a speedy recovery as I have to get back to work 6 days after my surgery. Following my first week at home after my surgery, I will... READ MORE

Will working out burn fat from Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am considering getting a buttock fat transfer, I'm a petite girl I weigh 120 5'2 . I am wondering if the fat that is transferred will burn off thru... READ MORE

Is it possible to get the size and style of butt I want or is it I get whatever comes out? (photos)

There is nothing I want more than a Brazilian Butt Lift. I am not sure that the way I want my butt & upper body will come out the way I want it. What... READ MORE

I just had a baby 3 months ago, how soon can I get a Brazilian butt lift?

I'm 28 yrs. old and pre-pregnancy I was 125 lbs. Now 3 mos. post delivery I weigh 136 lbs. I hate seeing myself like this so I watch what I eat and... READ MORE

If I get a Brazilian Butt Lift, how long is recovery? And how long after can I do a breast lift and implants & tummy tuck?

For the bbl can I do it when im still 20 to 30 pounds over my weight goal and what happens if I work out alot and after I loose the rest of my weight... READ MORE

Should I work out prior to having my surgery? (photos)

I am planning on getting butt implants with lipo with some fat injected to my buttocks and hips, some time next year. I am considering joining the gym... READ MORE

After a Brazilian Butt Lift, can I do the Brazilian butt lift workout? Will it help me get a more bigger butt?

Hi. I got a brazilian butt lift 3 weeks ago i am happy with my results. I just want to be a lil more bigger. So i was thinking if i do the brazilian... READ MORE

Is it advantageous to workout my butt prior to BBL?

I am 30 y/o, male, in good shape, and I am scheduled for BBL on 1/15/15. What is the advice regarding working out hard on my butt prior to surgery? I... READ MORE

Should I start dropping weight for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I've always been a "small" girl, with a little stubborn fat mostly on the upper body (and just a little on the inner thighs). Months ago I decided I... READ MORE

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