Wait Time + Brazilian Butt Lift

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How Can I Sit After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am worried about the sitting after the surgery, I go to school and I can only take a week off. Is that enough time, or is there anything I can buy... READ MORE

Will Velashape or Ultrasound Harm Results from Lipo and Fat Transfer?

Had lipo to abs as well fat transfer to buttocks. Can I do velashape or external ultrasound for internal scar tissue? How long should I wait to use... READ MORE

When Can You Be Sure That Fat Has Taken After Brazilian Butt Lift?

How long after surgery are u sure your butt won't get smaller? READ MORE

How soon can I take a shower after bbl?

How soon after a bbl can I take a shower?? I have seen a ton if reviews where women still have the markings days later?! READ MORE

How soon after a BBL can I get a second injection? Can it be done with a tummy tuck?

It's been about 6 weeks since I've had my BBL I had 960CCs transfered in each cheek for the most part I am happy with my results except that my left... READ MORE

I have a hernia in my stomach. Can I still get a bbl?

So apparently i have a hernia in my stomach, can i still have a bbl or should i get rid of it first? If i do get rid of it first how long till i can... READ MORE

How long should I wait to work out after getting a bbl?

I'm getting a bbl next month and I'm planning on working out to get fit on my upper body. How long should I wait to mayb lift some weights? How long... READ MORE

Will waiting a full year to get a bbl rather than seven months after giving birth give me better results?

I gave birth in November, but I chose to breast feed until 3 and a half months. I'm having my breast done at the end of September, because I would... READ MORE

How long should I wait to get a bbl after weaning a baby?

Currently nursing my 10mth old sweety.Would like to get bbl done next spring,I know hormones change after nursing how long should I wait for best results? READ MORE

How long should someone wait in between surgeries?

I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy and a urethral sling in January 2014 and wanted to schedule a brazilian butt lift this year. How long should I wait? READ MORE

Is it alright if go to army basic training after my bbl procedure?

I am going to army basic training in a couple if weeks I wanna know if it would be alright if I still go right after the bbl procedure i really want... READ MORE

Risks involved with laser hair removal before or after a BBL?

Will having full body laser hair removal before or after a Brazilian Butt Lift be harmful? How long should the wait between the procedures be? Thank you. READ MORE

How far in advance should I schedule a BBL?

I'm considering going to Dr Jimerson; however, I have the wait times are a little long. I am taking the year to save up so that I don't have to take... READ MORE

Can I get a BBL after giving birth to my child?

How soon after a pregnancy (vaginal birth) should you wait to get BBL? READ MORE

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