Time Off Work + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Heading Back to Work After BBL, What Can I do to Prevent Damage While Sitting all Day at my Desk?

I got my bbl last we and its almost time for me to go back to work.problem is that I work in a office whcih is sitting down 8 hrs a mon to fri ..what... READ MORE

I've Gained Weight For a Brazilian Butt Augmentation, Will It Come Off Fast Post-Op?

I went to a consultation last month in Beverly hills, the doctor said he wouldn't perform the brazilian augmentation for me due to the lack of fat... READ MORE

When Can I Go Back to Work After BBL if I Do Not Sit?

I plan on having this procedure in May but the most time I can get off of work would be one week. I work a 10 hour a day desk job and I have a... READ MORE

Down Time After BBL Procedure?

I have been researching and researching this for years.... I have finally decided to have the BBL Done and was just wanting to know how much time will... READ MORE

How long after a Brazilian butt lift can you return to work?

I am a hairstylist and I can't get that much time off! I want to get a BBL soo bad but I'm scared about the healing process! READ MORE

Is it okay for me to be at work sitting down on my butt? (photo)

I had Lipo and a BBL. but I had to go back to work after only like 10 days of bed rest.Is it okay for me to be at work sitting down on my butt. I try... READ MORE

How Long is the Recovery Time for a Brazilian Butt Lift if You Have a Physical Job?

I work as a Nurse Assistant part time and my job is very physical. I am constantly lifting and rolling patients. How long do I need to take off of... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Cost in Washington DC or Costa Rica?

I plan to get the BBL procedure sometime this year, but need to know the cost in the DC area or in Costa Rica. I would like to graft fat from my... READ MORE

Maximum Amount of Time or Lbs. for Standing & Lifting After Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

If you have to take care of business or go to work...Whats the limit for lifting lbs. & Standing time per/day or just all at once. READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Note Excusing Me from Work That Does Not Reveal That Im Having a Bbl?

I have a bbl scheduled, but I currently have no vacation time. Is it possible to get a note excusing me from work that does not reveal that I am... READ MORE

Going Back to Work After BBL?

About how many days should I take off of work if Im having the BBL surgery? Is a week long enough or is more time needed? ( I understand that I can... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift: I Am a Busy Floor Nurse. When Would I Be Able to Return to Work After Surgery?

I am a busy floor nurse in a nursing home. I walk very briskly and frequently, and I do have to sit behind a desk with other nurses in order to do my... READ MORE

After the Surgeries I Want (Arm Lift, Lipo, Tummy Tuck & Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer) How Long Will I Be out of Work?

So a few doctors said im too over weight for an hour shape figure.. my personal doctor has told me my bones are dense therefore they weight more... so... READ MORE

Can a reserve flight attendant get a bbl?

I am a future flight attendant and want to get the bbl procedure done next year, problem is I'll only have one week of vacation time and I will be on... READ MORE

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