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How Big Would 1200cc to Each of my Butt Chicks Be? Nicki Minaj?

Hello everyone am here trying to get the bbl procedure and i want to do it right my first wish is too look like nicki minaj in that area. i... READ MORE

Is 1250 Cc's of Fat (Per Butt Cheek) Achievable for Someone Who's 5'2.5" and Weighs 150lbs??

I prefer as much volume as possible for my brazilian butt lift!I've done a lot of comparing of different amounts of fat injected into the buttock.... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift - Can You Choose Your Size?

Can you determine how big a butt you want? i would like to add this to my smart lipo but i don't want a kim kardasian but just a little rounding..... READ MORE

Will I Have a Nice Result After 450/500cc Injected into Each Cheek?

I am now almost 40 hours postop still swollen&sore like heck but feel a lil better. I had plenty of fat to be removed & already a pretty nice... READ MORE

How Many Ccs Do You Think I Can Get into Each Buttock? (photo)

Hey BBL sisters and attending PS! I have been interested in BBL for a long time and needed some advice! - i am 23 years old - 5 feet - approx. 127lbs.... READ MORE

Considering Fat Injecton into the Booty, is it Possible to Get Big Results?

I want to have fat grafting since it is the safest way. but how quick can the fat be dissolved in the body and is it possible to have a big size booty... READ MORE

CCs for Brazilian Butt Lift. With My Measurements, What is the Biggest I Can Go?

I am 5'3" 140 lbs 34-30-38. How many ccs of fat could you get out of me, as an estimate, to use for a brazilian butt lift? I want it as big... READ MORE

Is There a Size Requirement for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

For the doctors, I'm pretty thin but i still want the procedure done with a significant size improvement. READ MORE

How Big Will my Butt Be After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm 5 7" and surgery is due a month from now which is in september 2012...i wanted my butt as big as it possible or do i need... READ MORE

How can I reduce the size of my butt after Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had bbl a few days ago, my butt is way too big after bbl. I know the swelling will go down etc but judging by other peoples butts months after... READ MORE

How many CC's does it look like I can get in each butt cheek for BBL? (Photo)

From my pics how many estimated cc's do you think will fit in each butt cheek? (I only want to do lipo to abdomen and love handles, bra strap area) READ MORE

I was recently told that i could possibly have a bbl and ba at the same, is this true? (photo)

I am going for my first consultation in about a week and i was recently told that i could possibly have a bbl and ba at the same time is this true?... READ MORE

Bbl shapes, sizes, and terminology

I've been wondering about how to communicate exactly what I want to accomplish with my Bbl. When you have a patient coming in for a bbl what's the... READ MORE

Will laying on your butt after BBL reduce its size?

If you have bbl with tummy tuck, will laying on butt reduce its size? And do the bbls last?? READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift. Bigger pants size?

If I have a Brazilian butt lift will I have to wear a bigger pants size? I just lost about 50 plus pounds after my child, and I went on a shopping... READ MORE

If I have tight skin will I be able to get the size booty I want? Will my skin be able to stretch?

I have very tight skin, and my fat is very solid, If I'm doing a surgical procedure I want the best results possible. I want a big nice round booty.... READ MORE

BBL Size; Do you think with this butt I have I can get what is in my wish pic ? (photos)

Hi doctors Do you think with this butt I have I can get what is in my wish pic if am doing both bbl and tummy tuck READ MORE

Can you advise me on the Brazilian Butt Lift? (Photo)

My name is Shada. I want to get this done asap. I just want to know for the size I want how much would it be? I don't have alot of weight but I think... READ MORE

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