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Is There Research Moving Towards Being Able to Do Butt Injections of Fat with a Donor's Fat?

There are a lot of women who want to get butt injections of fat instead of implants (due to the different results). However, smaller women don't have... READ MORE

Apart from asking my doctor directly which I have,were can I find my doctors credentials? I'm based in the UK please help?

I'm 5,7 158lbs eat well exercise, I'm curvy with big breasts, I just want a bigger projecting bottom, I'm due for my BBL in feb 2014. I have Asked my... READ MORE

Need a Great BBL PLastic Surgeon in Miami

I've been doing research for at least 6 months now for . Not sure if I can even trust the pictures on this site and if they were really performed by... READ MORE

What country specialize in Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

I'm literally doing so much research but would like to know where the best place is for a brazilian butt lift surgery thats not massively expensive... READ MORE

Why are some doctors asking me to gain varying amounts of weight before my Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I understand from my research that the number of fat cells you have does not vary greatly, and that when one gains weight, the cells are merely... READ MORE

BBL precautions...what's the best way to prepare your body beforehand so there are no complications?

I am researching things to do in preparation for my bbl this December. I've read some ladies' journeys that were not very pleasant, i.e. Body shock,... READ MORE

Young mother of 4 wanting BBL - what is a reasonable price?

I have been researching alot of doctors! I know for a good doctor you have to pay a good price. However, i am really strapped being im raising 4 kids... READ MORE

Is it not a good idea for a 19 year old to get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am 19 years old and interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift. I had researched it for a few years. So I went to a first consultation and the PS seemed to... READ MORE


After some research on the BBL, I have become convesant with some of the after surgery effects so I am prepared on how to handle them. What warning... READ MORE

Should I get a Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer to hips) or smart lipo of flanks and abdomen? (photos)

I've been researching this procedure for 4 years now. After Giving birth to my son 7 years ago it has been extremely difficult for me to lose weight... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift; does the cost include the hips too or just the butt?

Ive been very interested in enhance my butt and hips seeing as there is nothing there. My question is, does the cost include the hips too or just the... READ MORE

How do I begin for a Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck procedure?

So I'm for sure going to get my bbl and tummy tuck in the beginning of 2015. This might sound dumb but where should I start? I already researched Drs... READ MORE

Are there any surgeons in the San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Napa area that perform Brazilian butt lifts daily?

I would like suggestions/referrals on any doctors that perform BBL's routinely in the North Cali area. When I searched BBLs in San Fran and Santa Rosa... READ MORE

I'm looking for doctor who will do a Brazilian butt lift in Brisbane.

I'm looking for doctor who do A brazilian butt lift in brisbane ? i did a lot of research i can't find anything about it could someone help me ? READ MORE

What do you think? Do personal variables mean your dream picture may be just that?

I've been doing my research and have seen what seems to be thousands of photos and I'm beginning to think that the bbl procedure is a lot like getting... READ MORE

The Brazilian Butt Lift with bad results?

I live in Europe and the BBL is not common here at all, this is why I am planning to travel all the way to the US to get the procedure done. Now, this... READ MORE

Thinking About getting Brazilian Butt Lift soon but who have more experience with performing it? Any suggestions?

I'm just researching my options. I would like fuller volume plump rump as a gift towards losing weight. I'm currently obese african american working... READ MORE

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