Raised + Brazilian Butt Lift

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What can I do to get my hemoglobin levels up for a bbl? I'm anemic

What are some of the things that a person with anemia need to do in order to get their hemoglobin levels up in order to get a bbl? Usually how long... READ MORE

Should I Still Have a Raised Band and Nodules Thoughout my Stomach at 6 Mth After BBL?

I have had a raise band on my stomach and nodules that have been recently hurting more. I am 6 months post BBL. Should I still be experiencing these... READ MORE

Is 5 weeks post op a Brazillian butt lift surgery too soon to get steroid shots where fat was injected?

I recently had a Brazilian Butt Lift. I am 4 weeks post-op to be precise. At 5 weeks post op, my dermatologist is considering injecting my raised... READ MORE

Spanked hard on butt cheek 21 weeks after BBL, causing a handprint/minor raised red marks. Will fat reabsorb?

A girl spanked my hard on my butt in the gym, I was wearing only a bathing suit with an exposed buttcheek. I am 21 week post op. There is a minor... READ MORE

5 days post op Brazilian Butt Lift, could this be an infections?

Had BBL 5 days ago and just noticed a round spot on one side of the buttock with redness, warm and very sore to touch. It's a little raised than the... READ MORE

I am 21 and I have Lupus I have been thinking about getting a BBL but was just wondering is it possible for me to have the BBL?

I usually get red rashes all over my body that when healed leave dark marks even on my face. I have a lesion in my kidneys due to the damage of lupus... READ MORE

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