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Should I Stop Working out So I Have Enough Fat for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Greetings Medical Sculptors! I'm 28, 164lbs, 5'8", & I'm seeking a better rear. I work incredibly hard at the gym & have... READ MORE

Do Many Men Get the Brazilian Buttlift

Do Many Men Get the Brazilian Buttlift READ MORE

How Much Fat is Needed for a Brazilian Buttlift?

I AM 5'7 AND 140. I def am a good 15 pounds over an ideal body type, but is that enough to have a successfull BB-lift? I do not want a Brazilian... READ MORE

Is it True that Large Volume Fat Transfers for BBL can Increase Risk for Lumpiness?

I've heard that large volume fat transfer (greater than 500cc per buttock) increases the risk of a lumpy appearance due to reabsorption. This is... READ MORE

Is There an Average Amt. of Fat Cc's Injected In at One Time for a Butt Lift?

MY abdomen, waist, hips, and back will be lipo'ed. how many cc's are averagely injected for a one time injection? To achieve a nice round butt? READ MORE

How Much Fat Can Be Transferred to My Butt?

I am 4"11 and 219lb the weight is manily in my breast which i am fine with and the other biggest portion is in my belly it hangs with fat when it... READ MORE

Just how many ccs of fat can be added to the hips? (photo)

I am debating between BBL/butt implants, but my primary areas of concern are my hips. I have narrow, boyish hips. I know bone structure plays a major... READ MORE

Buttlift procedure? (Photo)

Hey, I was just wondering how much ccc's do I need to achieve this curvy figure? I'm currently 20 years old 5'2 my measurements are 43-36-48. I just... READ MORE

How many CC's? (Photo)

Hi Im in the UK and i consider travelling to get a BBL i didn't choosed my doctor yet but i really need a doctor who understands what i really want... READ MORE

How much body fat is needed for a sufficient fat transfer to the bum?

I am 5'1 and a bit small in the weight (56kg). If i wanted a slight enlargement how much fat would be needed? READ MORE

How is the price for a Brazilian butt lift decided? Would it cost less to have less fat put in?

Is the price higher for people who require more lipo and higher quantity fat injections? Would it cost less to have less fat put in? READ MORE

How many CCS should I get in hips and butt? (Photo)

I'm 5'3 150 something pounds. I was wanting to know how many ccs should I get injected to hips and butt to be proportioned with my body. My Dr wants... READ MORE

How many cc per buttock is ideal for a natural look? (Photo)

I am going to have Lipo and bbl. I'm around 140 lbs, how many cc of fat would be recommended for a natural , full, rounded and prominent butt and... READ MORE

Should I focus on the amount of ccs needed for my BBL?

Should I be concerned that everytime I ask my dr about the number of Ccs that will be transferred he always tells me that i shouldn't focus to much on... READ MORE

How many ccc of fat can be transferred to each butt cheek?

How many ccc of fat can be transfered to each butt cheek? READ MORE

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