Projection + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Nicki Minaj&K.Michelle Booty is It Possible? (photo)

I'm considering getting a bbl with hopes to get at least 1200 cc's in each cheek to look like K.Michelle. At the moment I am 23yrs 5'4 150lbs 34-30-41... READ MORE

What Can a BBL Accomplish for Me? (photo)

Hello i am a plus size woman 5'6" 200lbs+ but i carry it well. I do have fullness to my bottom but would like more projection and more of a heartshape... READ MORE

Is 435cc of Fat to Each Butt Cheek Enough to See a Difference?

I am 29 yrs. old, I stand 5'3, and i weigh 135lbs. I had a bbl 4 days ago. I was told by my doctor that I could take a shower, and that is when I... READ MORE

5"8' 130lbs, want my "violin" shaped hips fixed. I also want a tiny waist w/ a booty & projection. Candidate for BBL? (photos)

I am a mother of 2 and since I have had my kids my violin shaped hips have gotten worse. I am ready to get a small waist, round hips, and a nice round... READ MORE

Is 1200cc Pre Cheek Good for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

I want a brazilian butt lift but I would like a good amount to have a nice projection and fluffiness too it? READ MORE

Does Scar Tissue Effect if Fat Can Be Transfered?

I had butt implants 10 yrs ago & had them REMOVED 2 days later, I accumulated a $150,000 hospital bill & almost died from infection. I had 4... READ MORE

How curvy can I get my body to look? Surgery jan 13 should I gain more weight for what I want? (photo)

I want a shapely figure, I have no hips at all and lil projection! I'm 5'2 155 lb. lipo of waist,bra roll, entire abdomen and lower back. I have a... READ MORE

Would I Benefit from Lipo and BBL or Just Aggresive Lipo? (photo)

Im on indecisive at the moment. Cant decide if I really need a BBL to have the perfected butt that I want. I want a big size butt for my body type. I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Half Brazilian Butt Lift?

I don't feel I need my butt to be injected with to much fat because it would look ridiculous. I think my butt is a nice size already, I just want it... READ MORE

Will I have good results from a brazilian butt lift? (Photo)

I want more projection and roundness. im 5'4 and weigh 150. I want lipo from my thighs love handles stomach and back. I want as big as i can get it.... READ MORE

i had a Brazilian buttlift 2 weeks ago.. its nice & full but seems to be flat from the side view

Is this something i will have to get a revision on? i know i am still very early probably to tell but it's making me nervous that i got more of a full... READ MORE

BBL Done Under Local IV Sedation? (photo)

Finally able to upload pics.. So as I stated in previous questions, 1) am I a good candidate for huge projection with a BBL(I weigh 176 pds,5'0- i was... READ MORE

Best BBL Doctors in FL?

Who is a good bbl surgeon In FL? Other then Salama? I need choices. I'm located in Tampa but I'm willing to travel distance for it. Something whose... READ MORE

Scar Revision with a BBL. Can I Still Achieve the Projection Wanted? (photo)

I have a good size scar on my butt from a surgery that I had when I was a child. I hope to have the scar revised to look closer to the others side... READ MORE

When does fat drop after revision bbl? (photos)

Dent on lower buttock area after revision at week 5 post op. Will dent go away with time once fat settles ? or this means I hv to go back for a... READ MORE

Can I Achieve a Dramatic Projection with 600cc?? (photo)

I want a big butt. I just dont understand why they can give me a really big butt if i have enough fat. My Dr. Told me that he just put 600cc to... READ MORE

Is One Month Too Early to See the Projection of my BBL?

I had my bbl about one month ago, is it too early to see the projection? When will all the swelling go away? And if I need a touch up, is the pain... READ MORE

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