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I Want 1700-1800 CC Injected into Each Buttock - Is This Possible? (Photos)

Is this possible to have 1700-1800 inject into each buttock? I have plenty of fat to harvest and a wide rear and hips! I want an "stripper" perfect... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt lift One Year or More Post Op?

I have been searching this site for anyone who has had a brazillian butt lift for over a year. Everyone is raving about their days, week, or months... READ MORE

Any Thoughts on Posting LONG TERM BBL Result Photos?

Why don't most Doctors who perform Brazilian Butt LiIft Show their LONG TERM results? Everyone's behind looks big and round at one or two weeks post... READ MORE

Can My BBL Fat Transfer Go To My Thighs? (Photo)

I had my BBL on May 16, 2013, and I'm 6 wks post-op & my thighs have gotten bigger. Is this the fat that belongs to my booty? READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for transfer to my hips? (Photo)

I need to have my butt implants re-done because I have formed muscular contracture in the right check and now there is severe asymmetry. I also want... READ MORE

Can I get an hourglass shape with a BBL? (photos)

Is it possible for me to get an hourglass shape after a bbl with these pre op photos? Or are my hips too small to take in any fat ? READ MORE

Looking for a BBL and Whatever Else is Needed - Opinions? (Photo)

Hi im a 27 yr old female 5'6 185 mother of 6 all breastfeed. I wanna knw how this process works and step by step. Will I need to come back to keep my... READ MORE

I'd Like to See Post Op Photos of BBL Done on Plus Size Women

Hello, my name is Nicole and I will be having a BBL done. I have searched RealSelf site looking for post op photos of BBL's done on plus size women... READ MORE

Do I need to gain weight for my BBL? (photo)

I'm 27 , 5'5, 143 pounds and I'm having a TT and BBL. I'm hoping to get 1000cc on each cheek or a Kim Kardashian round w alot of projection butt.... READ MORE

Previously asked about weight gain for brazilian lift fat transfer.. (photo)

I had previously asked about brazilian butt lift fat transfer to gain weight to do the procedure. Doctors advised gaining weight was not a good idea,... READ MORE

BBL or liposuction of the stomach, lower back Flanks and upper thighs? (Photo)

52 year female, 5' 3", 160 lbs. Should I have just lipo or BBL to enhance my body READ MORE

I'm considering liposculpture and a Brazilian butt lift. How much should I expect to pay? (Photo)

I want to get liposuction done on my stomach, inner thighs, back, my arms, double chin, and on the sides of my breast. READ MORE

How much CCs and do i need to gain weight? (Photo)

Do I need to gain weight or lose weight in order to achieve an approximate result as my wish pictures. Right now I am 58kg and 150cm long READ MORE

How much weight to gain? Cost of fat transfer? (photo)

This is how I look now. I want to look like a Barbie. I weigh 122 all muscle. I want a bigger fuller butt. How much weigh in fat do I have to gain to... READ MORE

Good Candidate for BBL? (Photo)

5'4 150 lbs. used to have a nice body ... now I have this. READ MORE

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