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Brazilian Butt Lift - Permanent? Multiple Areas?

Is the brazilian butt lift permanent? And what is the starting price or price around? Could you put fat in thigh area too and calves? thanks. READ MORE

Developed Infection After Bbl. Will the Hard Spot Be Permanent?

At 4wks postop noticed a red small bump that felt hot and urned out to be an infection. I had to get the abscess cut and drained. I am still packing... READ MORE

When is the Fat Considered Permanent After a Brazillian Butt Lift?

I recently had a bbl, I love my results. I am one month postop today. When will my results be permanent? Thanks READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift. Do You Need to Have Continuous Follow Ups to Maintain the Fat?

Hello, I got 2 procedure of a brazilian butt lift about 2 years ago the fat that I have now is that going to be perminent for the rest of my life? or... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Flat Butt?

 I'm 5'10 140lbs. I want to know how much? From multiple places or one place? Will I be able to go back to work/lift kids 2 days later? And is it... READ MORE

3 weeks post o Brazilian Butt Lift, it left me with no butt crease. Is this shape permanent? (photos)

I just had a tt with lipo and a Brazilian butt lift 3 weeks ago. I know it's still very soon but I am extremely concerned with what I see. What I... READ MORE

Can I get a really big butt permanently with Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I want to know if with Brazilian buttlift I can achieve dramatic results with one round and if it's permanent or are my expectations too high? I'm 5'3... READ MORE

Is BBL only temporary?

Will the effect be gone after a few months or is it really a change in body figure that will last your whole life? READ MORE

Does the Brazilian Butt Lift last? Or is it temporary lasting only for few years?

I have read information both saying that the BBL is permanent and others that say the fat reabsorbs after 2-3 years?? Is this true?? If I'm paying... READ MORE

I have large hard lumps (not small knots) in my back and lower abdomen. Fibrosis? Could this be permanent? I'm 29 (Photo)

I had a tt, bbl and lipo of the abdomen, back and flanks in the DR almost 2 wks ago. I know its rather soon but I am suffering from LARGE HARD lumps.... READ MORE

Is a Brazilian butt lift permanent? Will I lose my butt if I go back to 108 lbs?

I seem to always go back to the weight 108 pounds but I'm willing to gain weight for this procedure. will I lose my butt if I go back to 108 pounds ? READ MORE

Can someone PLEASE give me a honest answer as to how much fat from fat transfer to buttocks "takes" or remains permanently?

Hey guys I'm going round in circles trying to figure out whether to have butt implants or BBL. I'm 5'10 and have 600cc breast implants, I have a... READ MORE

What is the permanent feeling after Brazilian Butt Lift? Would it feel natural, soft, and squishy or hard and stiff?

I've definitely been thinking about the BBL because there is nothing on my hips or butt but my main concern is the permanent feeling afterwards? Would... READ MORE

Is a BBL procedure permanent?

After 3 years, she had very red cheeks and dents. 5th year, they were holes in her butt and showed signs of deflation. The 7th year, both sides of her... READ MORE

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