No Change + Brazilian Butt Lift

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I Had Brazilian Butt Lift But I Don't See Much of a Difference. What Can I Expect With Time?

Dr Yager from ny said he put 800cc on each cheek and the reason I don't see the difference it because my fat cell shrink and it's in shock... READ MORE

BBL 2 Weeks Ago, Now Butt Looks Same Size Before the Procedure? (photo)

I am 5',6" 173 lbs had a bbl done 2 weeks with 400cc of fat injected into each butt cheek, now my butt looks the same size b4 my procedure, my dr told... READ MORE

I Am Very Disappointed with my Results. No Results? (photo)

I did my surgery 7 week ago, and the doctor said that he put me 180cc in each side, that was all the fat that he take off from, and you can see in the... READ MORE

No Change After Bbl and Lipo?

I am 2 weeks post op of my bbl and lipo.......I still have "fat rolls " on my back and a considerable amount of belly.......all in all it looks like... READ MORE

Can I Sue the Surgeon??

Well its exactly a month today after the surgery and my butt is as flat as it was before surgery ;( i can't stop crying... I have an appointment intil... READ MORE

Had a BBL 5 months ago in Miami and do not see results. Can I do a revision? (Photo)

Please help!!!!!! I can't believe that after all the planning, anxiety and stress b4 the surgery and the 8 days in the hospital for an infection and... READ MORE

How soon after 6 weeks since my last Brazilian butt lift can I have a second BBL performed? I really want bigger hips. (photo)

I asked for most of the fat to be in my hips and the rest in my butt. I do not see much difference, my butt almost looks the same as b4 n I barely... READ MORE

post-op BBL - my butt looks the same

My butt is flat in the middle and big at the top after all the draining came out my butt look exactly the same as it did before READ MORE

3rd post op (BBL) and I think I look exactly the same. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I remove my faja today for the first time, and got totally upset and depressed for all the pain I am going through and I think I look exactly the same... READ MORE

Why is my butt not changing after butt lift and fat injections? (photos)

Its been 10 days sense my butt lift surgery and im not happy with the results, My surgeon stating that my butt wasn't letting fat inside, and he never... READ MORE

3 Days Post BBL: Don't See a Difference - Will the Fat "Drop"?

So i ask my doctor,see said he transfer the fat to the upper of the butt right were your lower back is... he said ill drop down is this true... please... READ MORE

Is my compression garment causing my pubic area to break out?

I had liposuction on inner thigh, abdomen, and flanks and a Brazilian butt lift about two weeks ago. However, my garment is rubbing the skin around... READ MORE

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