Natural Looking + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Butt Looks Too High After Brazilian Butt Lift

I just had a Brazilian Butt Lift five days ago, and am worried that the fat that was added too high up. Is my garment causing it to look this way? It... READ MORE

How Noticeable Are the Results of a Brazilian Butt Lift Versus Other Butt Lift Implant Surgery?

Will I be able to feel the difference when I touch the implant area? Will it look any different? What if the area gets bruised or injured? READ MORE

Is There a Way to Get More Natural Looking Stomach from Bbl?

I am interested in getting the bbl, one of my concerns is the appearance of the abdomen after the surgery. The stomach appears flat but unnatural... READ MORE

Will Liposculpture and Brazilian Butt Lift be enough? (photos)

I'm trying to avoid a Tummy Turk right off or all together I think... I don't kno :( I just want my body to look GOOD and my butt natural... Naturally... READ MORE

Is 750cc each cheek too much? What would be recommended for a natural look? (Photo)

I'm 5'2 150lbs. Most of my weight is my abnormal area and back. I want it to look natural after my surgery. I want my waist very small and my butt... READ MORE

Which should I get: Brazilian butt lift or butt implants? I am not thick enough to get the lift but I want it to be safe

I am 5'3 and weigh 106 pounds.There many risks of getting butt implants such as the silicone misplacing or the body rejecting,the greater risk of... READ MORE

Should I get a bbl or just liposuction? (Photo)

My butt is already a decent size and I think if I just get liposuction it will be even more prominent. I was considering getting a bbl with... READ MORE

I'm tired of people telling me I have a beautiful face. I am 189 pounds right now but even at 150 it's the same.

My front area is ok but from behind its BAD!! from back arms down to my thighs. I don't want a crazy big booty. I just want something natural looking. READ MORE

How much fat should I have injected to achieve my goal? (Photo)

I have thin legs so I do not want an exaggerated butt it will look to obvious that it's fake. I like the more natural look. And I have a lot of fat so... READ MORE

How many CC's for my Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I'm interested in getting a Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck & BBL. I currently have 47.5" hips but I am not happy with the size of my butt. I do not want to... READ MORE

How many cc per buttock is ideal for a natural look? (Photo)

I am going to have Lipo and bbl. I'm around 140 lbs, how many cc of fat would be recommended for a natural , full, rounded and prominent butt and... READ MORE

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