Lumps + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Hi I Had a Bbl 12 Weeks Ago I Have a Soft Lump on my Left Butt Cheek is This Fat Necrosis? (photo)

Hi my name is Cristina . I had a brazilian butt lift 12 weeks ago I am 22 year 125 pounds before surgery height 5.1 feet . However my butt cheek are... READ MORE

Fat Necrosis and Fibrosis After Buttock Augmentation? (photo)

I under went BBL a year ago (June 2011) and I have two areas of hardness and a lump on my right cheek. Initally after the surgery I was informed that... READ MORE

Right Butt Cheek Hard and Lumpy After Fat Grafting

I had a buttocks fat grafting done in Jan 2009. My left butt cheek healed nicely but my right one is hard and lumpy like a rock. It is almost the size... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post BBL, Unhappy With Results. Should I Wait?

Had a BBL three weeks ago in miami with a board certified surgeon,not satisfied with the results, swelling has gone down drastically, I am back to my... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried about a Lump in my Upper Left Butt Cheek 5 Days Post-Op BBL?

I am now 5 days post op after my bbl. My right butt cheek looks normal, but my upper left cheek has a lump which makes my left butt cheek look... READ MORE

BBL Areas Look Lumpy. Is 6 Wks Too Late to Use a New Garment to Assist? (photo)

I had lipo suw/ction with fat transfer to butt my tummy has a small lump but also overall looks lumpy I wore the garment provided by my dr along with... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Two Hard Lumps In Butt After Fat Transfer?

A year now sine I had fat transfered to my buttocks and I still have very hard. I feel fire burning inside in those lumps and feel really... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have Lumps on My Sides 3 Weeks Post- BBL?

I am 3wks post op after bbl. I had vaser lipo to my sides, back and hips. I have no complaints about my butt or contour, but when I rub my hand down... READ MORE

Will Butt Implants Get Rid of Dimples and Lumps on the Booty? (photo)

I had a BBL & TT and lipo 6 months ago,I am VERY disappointed with the BBL.My butt is uneven, lumpy and I DID NOT have dimples before.I was going... READ MORE

Are My Lumps OK After BBL?

I am 2 weeks post op and I am scared to death something is wrong. I have read about the hard lumps and that is not I have a hard mass per say. It... READ MORE

7 Months Post-Op BBL, Left Cheek is Larger and Right Cheek has a Hard Lump, What Should I Do?

7months ago I had a bbl done and my left cheek is bigger than my right and there is a hard lump inside. What can I do? I'm unhappy and I paid $8300. READ MORE

I have hard knots/lumps after Brazilian Butt Lift with lipo on my sides and back. How long does it take to heal? (photo)

I had bbl with lipo and I'm 1 month post op. My skin on my stomach sides and back are very tight which is uncomfortable. I have hard knots/lumps on my... READ MORE

Healing Post BBL Surgery..Does DMSO Melt Silicon Gel Breast Implants?

Hi! I am 10 wks post bbl..and have lumps and swelling, particulary on the stomach. I have been having once weekly lymphatic massage with machines,etc.... READ MORE

Is this necrosis? And what do I do to get rid of it? Also will stomach lumps go away?

I had bBL/liposuction 2 weeks ago. I was told this is bruising and would go away. I'm not sure if this is true anymore and am now worried that it will... READ MORE

Lumps on Sides and Lower Back After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I still have lumpy spots on my sides and my lower back from lipo after Brazilian buttlift - fat grafting. I am very insecure with the look of my... READ MORE

Is it True that Large Volume Fat Transfers for BBL can Increase Risk for Lumpiness?

I've heard that large volume fat transfer (greater than 500cc per buttock) increases the risk of a lumpy appearance due to reabsorption. This is... READ MORE

Don't Want Lumps After Lipo and Fat Transfer?

I've read in so many places that EVERYONE gets some types of lumps after lipo and its not really smooth when you run your hands around your body you... READ MORE

I Have 3 Fat Lumps in my Back After BBL is this Normal?

I Have 3 Fat Lumps in my Back After BBL is this Normal? READ MORE

Will the shape of my BBL last for years if I stay in shape?

I'm getting my BBL next month and I'm wondering if it last. I mean I don't want to Pat $10,000 for a butt that will only last a year or so. I've read... READ MORE

Are lumps, dimpling, irregular contours, fat necrosis and other such complications more likely after 2nd or 3rd BBL?

My 1st BBL was VERY disappointing, but the lipo involved was a disaster. I was very fortunate & found an amazing surgeon who revised & corrected many... READ MORE

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