Lower Back + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Does Lower Back Swelling After a Brazilian Butt Lift Make Ur Butt look Smaller?

I had a brazilian butt lift one week ago; i have no butt! my lowerback is swollen and I look like a board;FLAT! It's so sad to see this when i... READ MORE

I Had/have Scoliosis. Rods Were Inserted when I Was 14., Im Now 33. I Want to Have Liposuction W Fat Grafting to my Buttucks?

Can lower back lipo be done without coming into contact w the rods? I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 14, had surgery right away and had... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the fat lump in lower back after brazilian butt lift?

I had BBL almost 1 year ago. I know that massages help right after the surgery to remove any lumps, but what about 1 year later? There is a small lump... READ MORE

I had BBL 1 month ago with abdomen & lower back Liposuction done. I'm still extremely stiff & bumpy, can anything help?

I had BBL done exactly 1 month back. I had lipo done on abdomen, waist, lower back and upper back. My waist and lower back are still extremely stiff... READ MORE

6 month post op Brazilian Butt Lift, certain areas of my butt and lower back is a bit sore. Is this normal?

Hi im reaching my 6 month mark for post op BBL. But certain areas of my butt and lower back where I was lipo'd is still a bit sore. Has a bruised... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift. Can I Keep the Fat On My Lower Back?

This may sound odd lol but i will be getting a brazilian butt lift in the near future and i am seeking more volume i have a wide behind that appears... READ MORE

I mildly worked out at 2.5 weeks BBL post op. Will this affect my results?

I went walking with a friend yesterday and we did a little power walking/ light jogging. Nothing to strenuous. But when I came home, my lipo areas... READ MORE

Can fat from arm lipo be used for BBL? (Photo)

My arms used to be much smaller..now they jiggle constantly and getting a bat form without any tone look and i'm only 25. Im thinking about having... READ MORE

Cyst on lower back and Brazilian Butt Lift.

I have a cyst on my lower back top part of my butt it's about pea size I went to the skin dr to get it looked at bc I wasn't quiet sure wat it was bc... READ MORE

I have pain in my lower back , right butt cheek sometimes left , and hip .Would I benefit from a brazillian butt lift?

I use to have a bigger nice round butt. And it seems to get smaller and smaller but my hips seems to be gaining weight. Its like my butt is getting... READ MORE

4mo post. Lower back preop had good shape (no fat or rolls). Now I have a roll of skin across lower back I can feel & see awful

What do I do? Followed all post opp including cincher Garment my back before surgery was great didn't need had decent curve sloup I'm so upset it... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a BBL w/lipo from an area that was previously lipo'd?

I recently had lipo on my U/L abdomen Lower back and flanks. At the time I thought a flatter stomach would make my butt look bigger and I could do... READ MORE

Lower back swollen after tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift. When will pain and swelling go away?

When will the pain and swelling go away I cannot walk more than 15 seconds without feeling like my back is going Explode had procedure done 1 week ago... READ MORE

Why do I feel this lower back pain?

I have very sharp lower back pain after surgery. When I am laying on my stomach I am thinking about getting up (without moving yet) and the pain... READ MORE

I've recently had fat transfer procedure. Is there a specific place where fat transfer is injected for better results?

I did my sergury 2/21/15 bbl. 4 Lipo areas. Now I feel good health wise. Very painfull procedure tho. I want to know is there a specific place where... READ MORE

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