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Will I Lose Fat from Brazilian Butt Lift if I Do Butt Workouts?

I got a Brazilian butt lift done. I was wondering if I lose a little weight or do butt workouts, will I lose the fat that was injected into my butt? READ MORE

How to Help my Fat Survive After a BBL?

I had a BBL Surgery 4 days ago, what are things that I should and shouldnt do to make sure that most of my fat survive? READ MORE

How Long Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

Hi, I really want a brazilian butt lift but I am hearing from people that it is temporary and does not last. What is the longevity of it? Does it... READ MORE

How Many Years Will Fat Transfered to the Buttock Survive?

I am wondering will the fat transferred to my buttock survive a life time. I would not want this procedure to be a waste of money and time. READ MORE

How Long Should BBL Last?

Is this question that defines doctors experties and qualification in this surgery , if he promised of longer lastig or short lasting , iam confused... READ MORE

Does BBL Fat Transfer Last?

I had a fat transfer to my face, and results were great... for about 6 months! Then it all disappeared. I have heard the same from many others. Is... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift for a Dancer?

How long will a Brazilian Butt Lift hold up for a very active dancer? Will the results from a butt lift be satisfactory for 10 years or so? Does the... READ MORE

Where Is the Best Place To Inject Fat For BBL For Long Lasting Results?

Where is the best place (muscle or skin) to inject the fat when doing a BBL to get a good and log lasting result? The most permanent results... READ MORE

Will the shape of my BBL last for years if I stay in shape?

I'm getting my BBL next month and I'm wondering if it last. I mean I don't want to Pat $10,000 for a butt that will only last a year or so. I've read... READ MORE

How Much Fat is Removed During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

How Much Fat is Removed During a Brazilian Butt Lift? And How Long Does it Last? READ MORE

What is Required for a BBL Surgery to Last?

So I'm going to get the BBL. But I have a question. What is required for the results of a BBL to last as long as possible? I read on here if the... READ MORE

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