Incision + Brazilian Butt Lift

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How Can Scars Be Removed from a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

If the scars from a Brazilian butt lift procedure are small, would a topical ointment (Mederma Scar gel) for scar reduction be enough to make them... READ MORE

Where Are Incisions Made for Liposuction and Fat Transfer to Butt?

Where are incisions made to harvest fat from the tummy and Flanks? also where are the incisions made to transfer the fat into the butt? READ MORE

Incision Location for Brazilian Butt Lift

Is the incision for a Brazilian Butt Lift always all the way across at the top of the butt? Can it be in other locations such as underneath where the... READ MORE

Herpes Breakout on Upper Buttocks Region Where Incision Will Be Made for Brazilian Buttlift, is This Safe? (photo)

Im considering having a brazilian buttlift via fat grafting but I occasionally have herpes breakouts but only on my upper buttocks. I do take... READ MORE

How Many Incisions Would I Need for Brazil Butt Lift with Lipo to Abdomen, Flanks, and Thighs?

I am getting a brazil butt lift. I would like to get lipo to my full abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs. How many incisions would I need? READ MORE

Can You Inject So Much Fat into the Butt Before It Starts to Come Back out of the Incision?

Also, once a BBL is done, can you have it done a second time? Will the skin stretch? READ MORE

Is peroxide something that should be put on incisions post op?

I have been reading in everyone's brazilian butt lift journies that its something they bring along with alcohol wipes. But i am confused because I... READ MORE

Is a plastic surgeon supposed to stitch close lipo incisions after a BBL?

I have seen some doctors leave the incisions open to drain, while others stitch them closed. Why is that? READ MORE

How long after having a BBL, can I have a TT? Also, what's the recovery time?

I want to have a BBL first then a TT. I wanted to take off 6 weeks for BBL then wait 6 months to have a TT. I'm planning on taking off 6 to 8 weeks... READ MORE

I've developed a red spot vertically across my incision line in the center of my pubic area. Is it an infection?

I've developed a red spot vertically across my incision line in the center of my pubic area. Doc thinks it's irritation from the binders. The spot has... READ MORE

Is it normal to also drain from drain incision on day 3 after lipo and fat transfer?

3 days ago I had done a lipo with fat grafting to my bottom and hips more knows as a BBL... My drain is draining everyday normally and odorless.... READ MORE

Should fluid drain from BBL incision site? if so, what can I do to help it close safely?

7 days post op after BBL and tonight while washing- my incision site on right pelvic opened and gushed an amazing amount of fluid which may be still... READ MORE

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