Hard + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Fat Necrosis and Fibrosis After Buttock Augmentation? (photo)

I under went BBL a year ago (June 2011) and I have two areas of hardness and a lump on my right cheek. Initally after the surgery I was informed that... READ MORE

Butt Very Hard After Brazilian Butt Lift

Hello, I am close to one month post op. I have gone down in size dramatically in these four weeks. I am still loving my results. However, in my right... READ MORE

Is Your Butt Supposed to Be Kinda Hard After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Ive read on several forums that it will soften, and then around the 3 month mark there will be some sort of "fluffing". I am 7 days post op. READ MORE

Butt is Hard After Brazilian Butt Lift

I had a brazilian butt lift done a week ago. My butt feels hard as a rock.it also looks kind of flat.Im happy with the results to the moment but my... READ MORE

5 Mths After BBL, Right Buttock Feels Like a Hard Golf Ball-WHY? Will It Go Away?

5 Mths After BBL, Right Buttock Feels Like a Hard Golf Ball-WHY? Will It Go Away? READ MORE

What Can I Do About Two Hard Lumps In Butt After Fat Transfer?

A year now sine I had fat transfered to my buttocks and I still have very hard. I feel fire burning inside in those lumps and feel really... READ MORE

Developed Infection After Bbl. Will the Hard Spot Be Permanent?

At 4wks postop noticed a red small bump that felt hot and urned out to be an infection. I had to get the abscess cut and drained. I am still packing... READ MORE

Do You Need to Do Massages After a Bbl and Lipo and is It Normal to Feel Hard Bumps on Your Stomach?

Do You Need to Do Massages After a Bbl and Lipo and is It Normal to Feel Hard Bumps on Your Stomach? READ MORE

Are My Lumps OK After BBL?

I am 2 weeks post op and I am scared to death something is wrong. I have read about the hard lumps and that is not I have a hard mass per say. It... READ MORE

My Butt is Hard and It Sweats After a Brazilian Butt Lift? Is This Normal?

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift about 4 months ago. I had 500cc injected in each side. My butt is slowly softening but is still hard in places. I've... READ MORE

7 Months Post-Op BBL, Left Cheek is Larger and Right Cheek has a Hard Lump, What Should I Do?

7months ago I had a bbl done and my left cheek is bigger than my right and there is a hard lump inside. What can I do? I'm unhappy and I paid $8300. READ MORE

Ball of Fat in my Buttock After Fat Transfer

9 months ago I had a surgery lipo with fat transfer in the buttocks but in one of the buttocks I have two small hard balls of fat that can be that and... READ MORE

Uneven cheeks. Almost 6 months post BBL. Help! (Photos)

It'll be six months post my bbl next month and I still feel as though one cheek is bigger than the other. Even my right hip comes out more than the... READ MORE

Why does my butt feel hard and hot after BBL? My surgeon injected the fat too high, but he said it will drop. What should I do?

I had a bbl 1week and 2 days ago in monterrey mx and my surgeon injected the fat too high and none on the bottom (which im not happy about)and where... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse a year old BBL? I also have a hard fat mass on my right cheek, what are my options? (Photo)

I got a BBL done a little over a year ago and I'm thinking it was the worst decision of my life. I have developed a hard mass on my right cheek and... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift, I notice hard sore lumps. Will this go away with time?

I'm noticing hard sore lumps on lipo areas? does this go away with time? what can i do to speed up the process? READ MORE

11 days post BBL, how long can I sit before the fat melts away? Why is only my right cheek sore and hard?

Need encouraging words....ready to go back to doctor and have fat removed from right cheek...its annoying and hurts!I am ready to give up...I had lipo... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift question

Is it true if getting Brazilian butt lift that the fat that is transferred can rotten ur butt or turn into hard balls? READ MORE

I had a BBL 5 days. I noticed that my butt cheeks are not even. The left cheek is bigger and harder than the right one (Photo)

My butt cheek are un even and i notice that my doctor use different way to injected the fat into my cheeks. The left cheek the incision where the fat... READ MORE

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