Fluid + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Fluid Build Up After Fat Transfer to the Buttocks 7 Months Ago. Is This Normal?

I had fat transfer to the buttocks 7 months ago. My results are great but my upper back legs keep building fluid where I have to have them drained... READ MORE

How I Can Remove Liquid After a Liposuction/BBL?

I went to my country to have liposuction with fat transfer, I'm very skinny so I only had fat in my abdomen to transfer to my rear part, but the... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift and Tumesent Fluid Mixed Is Bad For You, True?

I read on here that the Tumesent fluid is something you dont want mixed with your fat because it dissloves the fat and is unhealthy is this true READ MORE

BBL and Lipo and Have a Lot of Fluid Build Up?

Hello, I just had Lipo and BBL on Novemember 27, 2012 in DR, it's now two weeks later and I have a lot of Fluid in the lower abdominal area. I would... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift & Fat Transfer, I'm concerned about my fluid pockets. Will lymphatic massage help? (photos)

I had fluid pocket after drainage removed and the doc drain, I am concerned because I have a few more fluid pockets. Should I have them drained again?... READ MORE

A few months ago I got the Brazilian Butt Lift, and I've been feeling slight pain on my right cheek. Is this normal?

Hello, a few months ago I got the Brazilian buttlift procedure done, and I've been feeling slight pain on my right cheek. When I lean against a hard... READ MORE

Is there something I can do to prevent fluid build up after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hello, i will be getting my BBL in August and i am wondering if there is anything i can do or take before my surgery so that i wont have any or very... READ MORE

I have mild Von Willebrands. Can I take Stimate (desmopressin) and Heparin injections`/

I'm having aggressive lipo and BBL May 5th. my hematologist has instructed me to take a nasal injection one hour prior to surgery and then twice a day... READ MORE

BBL: leaking oily fluid 6 weeks after. Should I be worried that none of the fat survived and is all going to come out?>

I had a BBL 6 weeks ago. Feels like most of the swelling went down a couple of weeks ago, and the size has been the same after that. Results are... READ MORE

6 days post op Brazilian Butt Lift, I drained some fluid and now my tummy has swollen and looks lop sided. Any suggestion?

Its almost look like I didn't even get it done in the lower tummy I had a c section the old fashion way so one side of my tummy and side is swollen I... READ MORE

Could this lump on the back of my thigh be fluid build-up from a Brazilian Butt Lift I had 6 months ago?

I have a large lump on the back of my right thigh that i noticed a few weeks ago and i thought i was growing muscle from working out. However i... READ MORE

Milky fluid coming from my nipple after BBL. I don't know what it could be.

Hi i noticed milky fluid coming from my nipple it comes out when i squeeze my breast and nipple. It does not smell i don't know what it could be i had... READ MORE

I'm second day post op from a bbl procedure and nothing is draining out of tubes. Is this normal? (Photo)

I'm on my second day post op from bbl procedure and nothing is draining from either tube,there's just fluid n blood in draining line but not bulb.i... READ MORE

Out of state patient. I have built up fluid/seroma after lipo/fat transfer/bbl. How much would it cost to treat? (Photo)

Day 9 post op left lipo foams on board and only wore my compression since I came back home from surgery (4 days ago) but it was too tight so I didn't... READ MORE

What happens to all the fluid after surgery that is not drained?

I just recently had surgery, I had messages but after about 3-4 days I had them removed because I was going back home. After having them and my... READ MORE

Is this normal water retention or is it abdominal fat? (photos)

I got a Brazilian butt lift 8 months ago & have been maintaining my weight. A few weeks ago I noticed some weight gain w/o any diet changes about 3lbs... READ MORE

Swishy feeling under skin 9 months post BBL on very top of butt cheek, not in area that was directly lipo'd. What is it? (Photo)

For months now, I have felt like fluid swishing around, if I gently slide my hand across it in a motion to push it to one side it feels like there is... READ MORE

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