Fat Loss + Brazilian Butt Lift

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If I Get the Brazilian Butt Lift, Wouldn't I be Able to Burn the Fat Off, Is that Likely?

If I get a brazilian butt lift since its my own body fat wouldn't I be able to burn it right back off?? Just a thought because I wouldn't... READ MORE

Fat Absorbed After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I would like to get the brazilian buttocks enhancement. I dont have much fat on my body i have a little bit around my legs and a little bit on my... READ MORE

I'm 62 years old female. 7 days post op Brazilian Butt Lift (1000 cc's in each cheek). What percentage might I lose? (photos)

I read somewhere on line that post-menopausal women lose about 50% of grafted fat. Has this been your experience? I don't think my before pics will... READ MORE

Do the Results from a BBL Dissolve After a Few Years? Am I a Good Candidate? (photo)

Does a brazilian butt disolves after a few years,do u think im a right candidate as im going for bbl in 2wks READ MORE

What are the chances of fat loss after Brazilian Butt Lift 2 months post op?

I really haven't sat on my butt at all since my surgery 2 months ago i do here & there but not for longer then 5 minutes at a time if i put pressure... READ MORE

Why am I still losing fat 3 years after having a Brazilian Butt lift?

I had a Brazilian but lift a little over three years ago. I lost most of the transferred fat the first year, but have continued to lose fat in... READ MORE

Why do some bbl cause bad bruising and some none at all?

I had no bruising on my buttocks whatsoever only on my "lipoed" areas (inner thighs, flanks etc) while some women have serious black and blue bruising... READ MORE

Would butt exercise like squats, lunges etc... make me lose the fat from Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had a bbl surgery 7 weeks ago, l know so far that workout muscles make you lose fat, In order to gain muscles you lose fat !! so im confused about... READ MORE

Losing weight before BBL: Is it advisable?

I am looking to have a BBL in June/July 2014. I am currently a size 14 (UK) which is a US 10. My ideal size which I would like to be is a UK 10-12... READ MORE

Can one buttocks lose alot more fat than another after Brazilian but lift therefore one will be way smaller than the other?

I am aware that not all fat transfer into buttocks is permanent and only 50% to 70% is maintained. My question is weather this can give the buttocks... READ MORE

Does your butt go down a few years after your Brazilian Butt Lift?

Will my my go back down a few years faster I have a brazzillian butt life...fat transfer to buttock READ MORE

Fat Purification Process

What happens during the fat purification process for a BBL fat transfer? Is the blood removed from the fat? Are damaged cells thoroughly removed? Is a... READ MORE

Buttocks Fat Grafting, Lyme Disease and Immune Attack to Fat Cells?

I had full tummy tuck with liposuction, fat transfer to my buttocks in May and I got a tick bite in July. in august I got symptoms of lyme and started... READ MORE

Why am I still losing fat in my buttock area more than 3 years after my Brazilian butt lift?

I had a Brazilian but lift a little over three years ago. I lost most of the transferred fat the first year, but have continued to lose the fat in... READ MORE

Sitting; will I lose a lot of my fat? What can I do to keep some of the fat graft?

I am 2 weeks after my bbl. I had to return to work after 5 days of surgery. I sit on a boppy pillow for the car ride and to sit at work.( office... READ MORE

How to correct area where fat was lost after bbl & implants?

I had implants & bbl. One side is smaller now & resembles where I started. The other side is perfect to me. Much fuller and rounder. How can this be... READ MORE

What can be done if I am not happy with my Brazilian Butt Lift results? Will I have to pay for a revision? (Photo)

I had a Brazilian butt lift done 2 1/2 months ago and fee like the results look square and am losing all the fat injected. I was told that I got 1500... READ MORE

13 days post lipo, tummy tuck and BBL. I feel that I've lost my butt fat. Could this happen after sleeping and sitting on it?

After my proceedure I have no choice to sleep and sit on my butt. My feet are swoolen badly amd I nèed to keep them up most of the time. My problem... READ MORE

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