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Is It True That Several Years After Brazilian Butt Lift Your Butt Starts Deforming?

I'm seeking for the brazilian butt lift and a friend called me last night telling me that she saw a show that shows the bad side of a brazilian... READ MORE

How Can Scars Be Removed from a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

If the scars from a Brazilian butt lift procedure are small, would a topical ointment (Mederma Scar gel) for scar reduction be enough to make them... READ MORE

How Long Should BBL Last?

Is this question that defines doctors experties and qualification in this surgery , if he promised of longer lastig or short lasting , iam confused... READ MORE

Fat Absorbed After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I would like to get the brazilian buttocks enhancement. I dont have much fat on my body i have a little bit around my legs and a little bit on my... READ MORE

How Much More Will my Butt Shrink After Brazilian Buttlift?

Im 1 week post op and my but seems to be shrinking, when is it safe to say that my butt will stop strinking? 1month 3months? Also the dr was only able... READ MORE

BBL I Have a Dr Saying 1 Drain Another 2 Drains and Most Recent Said No Drains, Which is the Best?

Im confused on this, my understanding was that I would have drains for a Brazilian Butt lift, I have been reading girls blogs and most indicate at... READ MORE

Does BBL Fat Transfer Last?

I had a fat transfer to my face, and results were great... for about 6 months! Then it all disappeared. I have heard the same from many others. Is... READ MORE

How Many Hours Long is Brazilian Butt Surgery?

How often do patients need touch-ups? On average, do patients come in for follow-up work every year, every 5 years? READ MORE

How Many Years Will Fat Transfered to the Buttock Survive?

I am wondering will the fat transferred to my buttock survive a life time. I would not want this procedure to be a waste of money and time. READ MORE

How Long Should a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Take?

I've Read That if a Surgeon Only Takes 2 to 3 Hours, He's Taking Shortcuts READ MORE

What is the Average Time of a Brazilian Butt Surgery?

What preparatory measures need to be taken to minimize the chance of the adverse effects of a Brazilian butt lift? READ MORE

Is BBL Worth it? How Long Does the Pain Last?

I really want to have the bbl done. i believe it will be a boost to my self confidence. i should have the surgery in september. The thing is i have... READ MORE

Maximum Amount of Time or Lbs. for Standing & Lifting After Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

If you have to take care of business or go to work...Whats the limit for lifting lbs. & Standing time per/day or just all at once. READ MORE

Will I Need Assistance at Home During Recovery from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

How many patients need a caregiver during the recovery of a Brazilian butt lift? For how long will I need a little help? If I have a traditional but... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift. Do You Need to Have Continuous Follow Ups to Maintain the Fat?

Hello, I got 2 procedure of a brazilian butt lift about 2 years ago the fat that I have now is that going to be perminent for the rest of my life? or... READ MORE

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