Driving + Brazilian Butt Lift

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How Soon Can You Drive After a BBL?

I have one child who is in school its only about 8 minute drive each way. I know the first week or so my husband can take off but after that i would... READ MORE

Driving 4/5 Days After Brazilian Butt Lift

My BBL will take place in 2 weeks. My post-op appointment will be scheduled for 4/5 days after the procedure. My PS office is about 45-60 mins from my... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Sit While Driving After the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

I know that you're not supposed to sit directly on your butt for a couple of weeks after the procedure is done, so what would would be the best way... READ MORE

How Soon After BBL & Liposuction Can I Drive and How Long Should I Plan for Recovery?

Im having lipo to flanks, inner thighs & stomach w/fat transfer to buttocks. Generally, how soon after can I drive myself a few miles for post op... READ MORE

7 Days Post Op After BBL, is It Too Early to Drive???

I am 7 days post op after bbl, and I've managed to stay off my butt the whole 7 days with the exception of bathroom visits. I've been cleared... READ MORE

Would a 2 Hr Drive Compromise My Results 7-8 Weeks Post BBL?

I'm 17 days post op & I have driven ONCE. It was extremely uncomfortable & I ended up almost standing up while driving (pressure on left leg,... READ MORE

I Just Had BBL 1 Week Ago. Can I Drive This Week?

Surgery was done Friday. am i able to drive this week? what exercise am i able to do? i have a girls trip planned out next wkend 3 hours away driving,... READ MORE

Can I drive for two hours at at time 3 1/2 weeks post op from a BBL?

I need to begin driving to school again next Monday and that will be ALMOST 4 weeks since I had BBL fat grafting... I don't want to completely sit on... READ MORE

Is Two Weeks After my Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure to Soon to Take a 1 Hour Car Trip?

It was been just over two weeks after my brazilian butt lift. I was wondering if it would be ok to go on a trip that would require me to be in a car... READ MORE

Can I sit for a long period of time at 5 weeks post-op of a brazilian butt lift?

I plan on driving to Vegas 5 weeks after my brazilian butt lift. At 5 weeks post op, is it OK to be sitting in the car for 6 hours? I don't want to... READ MORE

Will Driving on The 13th Day of Surgery be Okay?

I understand that there is no sitting for 2 weeks--- >14 days.... in my case if i dont sit for the 13 days i am out of work when i go back to work... READ MORE

I Had Liposuction 2 Weeks Ago As of Today March 5 I Took a Road Trip 24 Hours Long?

I had liposuction and fat grafting to butt 2 weeks ago as of Tuesday march 5. I took a road trip 24 hours long I did take rest stops. My question is... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift, I drive a lot and work in the office where I'm required to sit. Will my fat be safe?

It's been 3 weeks since my bbl I'm so worried that I'm going to squish my butt and mess up the fat. I drive a lot and I work in a office where I'm... READ MORE

Am I able to sit down now as well as driving? (Photo)

Hello doctors I wanted to know if I'm able to sit down without harming the procedure that was done to me I had some fat transfer to my buttocks on... READ MORE

Having breast aug, lipo of ab, flanks, back & bbl. I'm 36, good health. What do you advice position to sleep & sit (home/drive)?

I'm 36, good health, done having kids. What do you suggest as positions to sleep/sit (home/drive)? What garment do you suggest & size to get. Ordered... READ MORE

What's the best seat cushion post bbl?

Two weeks post lipo/bbl? Returning to work. Must drive 45 minutes. What is the best seat cushion or technique? Want the best results READ MORE

I had a brazilian butt lift exactly a week ago.. Can I drive yet? (photo)

It's been only a week.. But I want to drive or at least sit normal in the car instead of having to lay on my back in the backseat, when going to work... READ MORE

I have a driving job. How long do I need to stay out of work and do the pressure from sitting all day ruin results?

Driving for 12 hours a day is a lot of pressure. What will happen after my bbl?? Will driving for 12 hours a day ruin my butt results after the bbl? READ MORE

Is it safe to sit for long periods of time after BBL?

So, i'm a insurance rep and travel a bunch for business. and anyway i would like to know when after the surgery is it safe to sit for long periods of... READ MORE

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