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Who's the Best Surgeon for Brazilian Butt Lift in South Florida?

I live in the South Florida area and I am currently seeking a highly trained surgeon who specializes in Brazillian Butt Lifts with Fat Transfer. I am... READ MORE

Where to Go to for Brazilian Butt Lift in Atlanta, GA?

I am interested in getting a Brazilian butt lift using my own fat through Liposuction. I live in the Atlanta, GA area and am willing to travel for a... READ MORE

Seeking Best Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor Worldwide

Hope I dont offend any of you great docs with this question. I know Mendieta is high quality, as well as others here in the US, but really looking for... READ MORE

Good Surgeons for Brazilian Butt Lift in NYC or NJ?

Anyone whose had it done or knows some one to go or not go to? READ MORE

Orlando, FL Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor Recommendations

I had a miniscule amount of medical grade silicone injected on my buttocks about eight years ago. I did not realize or research the procedure. I was... READ MORE

Who is the Best Doctor in Atlanta, GA for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Who is the best doctor in Atlanta,GA for a Brazilian Butt Lift? I don't want to fly to FL for this. I need help in selecting the best (hands-down)... READ MORE

Who is the Most Experienced Surgeon for Brazilian Butt Lift in Orange County, CA?

I would like few referals for top rated doctors who are very experienced in Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. This would be my first time to have my fat... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift to Look Like Buffie The Body

Hello. I am a 26 year old female in NYC that is looking for a doctor that can Liposuction my stomach extremely flat and transfer that fat into my butt... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico, Does Anyone Know of Any Good Doctors There?

Ive spoken with a few docs in Mexico but I am still undecided on who I should choose. I just want to make the right choice. If anyone could help and... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Brazilian Butt Lift in Charlotte, NC

I'm in Charlotte and want a bigger butt and Breast Implants. Do you offer payment plans? READ MORE

New Jersey Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor Recommendations?

I need a Brazilian Butt Lift because my butt has no shape. My butt and legs meet as one, causing back and leg pain. My waist is 30 inches and my butt... READ MORE

Where is the Cheapest Place to Get a Brazilian Butt Transfer?

I dont have much money to spend but i would love to get a butt lift since i'm flat from my butt ,i think that by getting a butt lift my life will... READ MORE

Good Brazillian Butt Lift Doctors in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky Area?

There any doctors in Northern Ky or Cincinnati area for a Brazilian butt lift? A good surgeon!! READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Brazilian Butt Lift in Illinois

I am having trouble finding a doctor in Illinois that has a lot of experience in the brazilian butt-lift does anyone know one in Illinois or near by?... READ MORE

Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor Recommendations in New York?

I am considering Liposuction and a Brazilian Butt Lift. I reside in New York City. I can't find any doctors that can do both Brazilian Butt Lift AND... READ MORE

Who is the Most Experienced Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeon in the Chicago Area?

Im looking to undergo this procedure in late june. I want as dramatic a transformation as I can get. I'm 25 y/o, 5'5", 157 lbs. Along... READ MORE

Southern California Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor Recommendations

Looking for a doctor in Southern California who has done successful Brazilian butt lift. Thanks! READ MORE

Any Recommended Brazilian Butt Lift Expert in Washington DC Area?

I live in London England and seriously thinking of having a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure by Fat grafting. Can anyone recommend a doctor in the... READ MORE

Looking for a Surgeon That Specializes in Brazilian Butt Lifts

List of surgeons in or out of the US that specializes in brazilian butt lifts? READ MORE

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