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Can the Brazilian Butt Lift Help Fix Two Asymmetrical Dents on Butt Cheek?

I have one asymmetrical dent on each side of my butt cheeks that I got from injections that was given to me when I as really young. I would like, more... READ MORE

Huge Dent in Cheek After Brazilian Butt Lift

I had brazilian butt lift 3 wks ago and i aquired a huge dent in the cent of my cheek..what is this? READ MORE

Can the Brazillian Butt Lift Fill and Smooth out Dimples

Hi, i have a sizeable butt but it has dents and one butt cheek is smaller than the other. can a brazillian butt lift be able to correct both problems? READ MORE

Would Fat Transfer Help Me Fill out my Butt? (photo)

I have had this issue for and I would like a resolution. I read on another post that another young lady had a similar problem which may have been... READ MORE

Dents 2 Weeks After Brazilian Butt Lift

Just recently had the Brazilian Butt lift done with fat transfer done 2 weeks ago and already my buttocks have formed the "dents" in them... READ MORE

3 Days After my BBL, and My Butt Looks Small With Dents. Will It Improve With Time?

And my butt still looks small and has dents I am 5,0 and was about 130 and it looks like nothing was done at all will I need to go back and redo it READ MORE

Do I Have Enough Fat to Acheive a Significant Increase in my Butt Size? (photo)

Hi all, I'm 5'3", 110lbs and interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift but I don't know if I have enough fat to get the projection I want... READ MORE

Lipo Touchups? (photo)

Hello, Dec 2012 I had a tt, bbl (inner thigh/low back/waist lipo).I now have ugly stomach fat,slight inner thighs bulges&indents. The dr grafted... READ MORE

18 days post op Brazilian Butt Lift, i have a Dip/Dent on my butt cheek. Will it fill in? (photo)

I noticed over a week ago a Dip/dent on my left butt cheek, giving me a weird shape on that part. What does that mean? Will it fill in? Or get better? READ MORE

How Long Do You How to Wear a Wound Vac?

Hi i had my sx on May 23, 2013. It went very bad!!!! My left butt cheek got a infection. So now i have a big hole the size of a golf ball how long... READ MORE

I was wondering if a brazilian butt lift, butt augmentation, or other treatment could help with this? (Photo)

I noticed that one side of my cheek is flatter and softer than the other, and I also have a dent near my butt crack. I was wondering if there was if... READ MORE

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