Deflation + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Do I need to lose weight for a BBL? I have had previous lipo, a wrap around tt and a lift 4 years ago. (photos)

Age 43, 5'6 214 lbs desire to be more shapely, in food physical health non smoker mother of 5 the youngest 2.5 year's old. I was told to lose weight... READ MORE

What type of result can I expect from a BBL? (photo)

Hi, I am in the process of choosing a doctor for a bbl, I've always had a nice butt but after three pregnancies, it deflated and it's saggy. I've lost... READ MORE

Fat transfer to the buttocks? (Photo)

Having lost 110lbs I am now faced with a deflated and saggy bottom. Another problem has arisen in that my coccyx seems to be more prominent and is... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift for deflated butt after weight loss?

Would a brazilian butt lift help a butt that has lost lots of volume due to weight loss? I don't neccessarily have hanging skin, its just quite... READ MORE

Why are some doctors asking me to gain varying amounts of weight before my Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I understand from my research that the number of fat cells you have does not vary greatly, and that when one gains weight, the cells are merely... READ MORE

Why do I see quiet a few people's butt deflate a few month after surgery

Hello, I'm interested in getting TT, Lipo of entire back, waist, arms and bbl. I've been seeing quiet a few people on Real self that butt looks close... READ MORE

Can I have fat transfer to breast and buttocks at the same time ? (photos)

Also whats the average cost and how long is the recuperation time ??? Experice affordable Dr's in Wisconsin? ?? My breast are like deflated, they... READ MORE

Is a BBL procedure permanent?

After 3 years, she had very red cheeks and dents. 5th year, they were holes in her butt and showed signs of deflation. The 7th year, both sides of her... READ MORE

What changes can I expect post op from a buttock grafting procedure? How is the fat distributed and does it stay in one place?

I recently got the bbl procedure done (about 10 days ago) week one out looked phenomenal. Since then I feel like it has sort of deflated in some areas... READ MORE

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