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Brazilian Butt Lift Side Effects and Complications

What kind of side effects or complications can happen after Brazilian butt lift? How will I know if I am experiencing any of these side effects? READ MORE

How soon can I sit on Brazilian Butt Lift?

I just had Brazilian butt lift and i set on my butt withing my 5th day... is that going to make my butt flat? READ MORE

What is the Recommended Age for People Who Want a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is an 18 year old woman too young for a Brazilian butt lift? Why would some doctors recommend waiting? Would recovery time be an advantage for younger... READ MORE

How Long After Giving Birth Can I Have Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had a baby a month ago (vaginally with no complications). I heard that you have to wait to have plastic surgery after having recently been pregnant. READ MORE

Doesn't General Anesthesia Cause Alot of Complications That is Why Many Surgeons Now Use Local?

I was always told that general anesthesia causes alot of complications during surgery and that is why many surgeons here in the states as well as out... READ MORE

What is Recommended Post-operatively Other Than Rest and Do Not Sit on Your Butt?

Deep breathing and coughing exercises, to prevent post surgical complications? Or the surgery isn't that serious and it's not necessary? Walking a... READ MORE

Will smoking after my BBL cause any complications?

Today is my 11th day post op after my surgery. I recently had my bbl surgery on the jan 9th and I recently picked up smoking again on the jan 16-19.... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of a Fat Embolism with a Bbl/fat Transfer, Related to the Fat Transfer Not Just a Complication of Surgery?

Hopefully none right? Is it protocol to aspirate before just randomly injecting fat all over the butt? I would hope so, because how else are you going... READ MORE

What are the possible complications and side effects of getting a Brazilian butt lift?

I know they're fairly low risk when done by a qualified and experienced surgeon, but what are some of the complications and side effects? Are any of... READ MORE

Hypotensive, on Norvasc 10mg. 5'7", 190lb. -‚Äč Does this put me at higher risk for complications?

Looking to have lipo (abdomen, back) transfer to butt (Brazilian butt). I am 5'7" 190lbs. Hypotensive, on norvasc 10 mg.Does this put me at higher... READ MORE

When is it completely safe to do a second Brazilian Butt Lift without complication?

I had a bbl 1/7/14 however I do not like my results at all, I also would like to ask how do you prevent developing an embolism while on the... READ MORE

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