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Brazilian Buttock Augmentation Vs. Butt Injection

Will the Brazilian Butt lift add sufficient volume and shape to the bottom? I know the fat injection will add volume but does it give shape also.... READ MORE

What Does the Body Look Like One Year After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I see a lot of immediate results in Brazilian butt lift photos, but are there any pictures or descriptions of available of clients after one year? READ MORE

Does the Pain from a Brazilian Butt Lift Feel Like a Bruise?

How long do most people take pain medication to dull the pain from a Brazilian but lift? Is the pain more painful than a really bad bruise, or worse? READ MORE

Are Rolled Up Yoga Mats Better Than Boppy Pillows for Using After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I was wondering if a yoga mat rolled was better than a boppy pillow to use after Brazilian butt lift surgery? READ MORE

BBL vs. Implants - Will a Brazilian Butt Lift REALLY Give Me Big Results?

I am 5'3" 175 lbs. and plan to lose about thirty-forty pounds before surgery. I want to make sure I will get dramatic enough results I want... READ MORE

Can You Tell the Difference Between Natural Prominent Curvy Buttocks Vs Microfat Augmented Buttocks from Brazilian Butt Lift?

Can people autually tell the difference between natural prominent curvy buttocks vs microfat augmented curvy buttocks from brazilian butt lift? I... READ MORE

Which is Better: Brazilian Butt Lift or Butt Implants if a Woman Plans to Get Pregnant?

I currently have a nice size butt but i want it to be a bit bigger to match my big thighs. I was considering having either a Brazilian butt lift or... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Versus Gluteal Implants? Which Lasts Longer

My midsection is my problem area whether I loose weight or not; I will still have a larger upper portion as compared to my lower half.I'm wanting... READ MORE

Butt Ideal for Brazilian Butt Lift or Just Waist Contouring?

I am wanting to improve the sagging or "long" appearance at the bottom of my buttocks. I do not want a larger butt. I am going for a... READ MORE

Why Do Some Brazilian Butt Lifts Costs Twice As Much As Others?

I'm looking at different doctors (in the U.S.) for this procedure and they all seem to be accredited doctors but some of their prices are such a... READ MORE

Does the type of fat grafting technique determine where the fat comes from for a Brazilian butt lift?

Compare fat grafting techniques for the Brazilian Butt Lift. What technique is having great results? READ MORE

Why Do Doctors in Mexico Use Epidural/sedation Vs General Anesthesia as in US for BBL

Also many message boards of BBL patients claim doctors in Mexico provide a more hourglass figure, larger buttocks and less revision rates. Is this true? READ MORE

BBL or liposuction of the stomach, lower back Flanks and upper thighs? (Photo)

52 year female, 5' 3", 160 lbs. Should I have just lipo or BBL to enhance my body READ MORE

How Noticeable Are the Results of a Brazilian Butt Lift Versus Other Butt Lift Implant Surgery?

Will I be able to feel the difference when I touch the implant area? Will it look any different? What if the area gets bruised or injured? READ MORE

What's the difference between Brazilian butt lift and the fat transfer? (Photo)

I'm wondering which procedure would offer best results for my size. I'm 5'10" and weigh 255. Do I need to lose some weight first? How much fat can be... READ MORE

Difference Between Lipo/fat Graft to Buttocks and BBL?

Is there a difference in my doctor doing lipo to my hips, flanks, and thighs then doing a "large" fat graft to my butt and a brazilian butt lift?... READ MORE

Can I achieve anyone of my wish pics with a Brazilian butt lift procedure? (photos)

Which pic best suits my body type? I love the heart shaped buttocks, is there a difference between a heart shaped bottom and a shelf bottom? READ MORE

Can a Good Surgeon Tell Me What is the Best, Safest, Cost Effective Way of Getting a Buttock Aug?

Ok so I know implants and the Brazilian but lift thing I want my but bigger and fuller, I want to be told exactly what's better between the two, I... READ MORE

BBL drains or no drains? Lymphatic Massage or not?

The opinions seem to very greatly! It appears that many of the Miami area doctors depend on drains. Most LA, TX, NY do not. Why use them if the... READ MORE

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