Cellulite + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Remove Cellulite?

I was wondering if a Brazilian but lift helps to remove my cellulite on my butt. I don't have a lot but you can see some dimplings which bothers... READ MORE

Cellulite After Brazilian Butt Lift

Why do I have cellulite at the back of my legs after a butt fat transfer? I never had that before the surgery. I was pretty lean to start with. I was... READ MORE

Will Brazilian Butt Lift Help Correct Sagging and Cellulite?

I am a 40yr old female in good health. i am 5'5" and weigh 145lbs. i had a consultation w/a board certified plastic surgeoon who told me that he wold... READ MORE

Brazillian Butt Lift/ Fat Transfer.....down the Line? (photo)

When choosing between implants or body fat transfer... Fat transfer seems the best route.. & the most 'natural' a cosmetic procedure can get!... READ MORE

Will A Brazilian Butt Lift Improve Cellulite, Unevenness and Flatness?

Hi I am interested in a brazilian butt lift but have some questions and concerns. I am an average woman (25 years old around 138 pounds)no matter how... READ MORE

Can I Get a BBL Even if I Have Severe Cellulite on My Butt?

I want to get the Brazillian Butt Lift, but I have cellulite VERY BAD, its so bad I cant wear dresses or tights because you can see the dimples, its... READ MORE

Should I get a buttocks lift to lower buttocks? Also, can I fix dimpling and loosen skin bands after BBL? (photo)

I have a saggy butt look that I would like treated but don't know if I should just weight train or get some type of surgical treatment. Also, when I... READ MORE

Asymmetry of Buttocks & Cellulite - Best Treatment? (photo)

I am 47 years old and had a Brazilian butt lift 4 years ago. Nearly all of the fat remained and now I feel too bottom heavy so I would like to remove... READ MORE

4.5 weeks post op Fat Transfer to Butt, my butt seems full of cellulite and dented. Is this normal? (photos)

Post op 4 1/2 weeks fat transfer to butt. My butt seems like it has too much cellulite and dents now. Would that eventually fix itself or will I need... READ MORE

What's the Most Effective Way to Rid Cellulite and Still Have Brazilian Butt Lift?

I want to get a Brazilian Butt Lift....but I have a lot of cellulite...it's in my thighs...back of my thighs...my butt..I have had it since my early... READ MORE

Which procedure for butt shaping and cellulite? (photo)

I am 28 years old, 5'8" 140lbs, no children yet. I work out an seem to see improvements everywhere except my butt. I do not like the shape a wish it... READ MORE

bbl, lipo, scoop lift and cellulite surgery? (photo)

So I heard about this scoop lift and I know its when u get a Bbl but I want to knw would it be hard for me to get a bbl lipo scoop lift and cellulite... READ MORE

I've lost all the volume from by buttocks after various procedures. Do I need a traditional BBL for good results? (Photo)

I had tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation, lipo and fat gtafting to my buttocks 4 months ago and have lost all volumeto my buttocks...its... READ MORE

Does Brazillian Butt Lift Help to Get Rid of Cellulite? (photo)

I previously lost a lot of weight that has left a lot of cellulite on my thighs and buttocks that I can't seem to shift. Also the skin on my inner... READ MORE

Will having my inner/outer thighs lipo'd for a brazilian butt lift improve my cellulite?

What advice would u give an up coming BBL patient to improve or help get rid of cellulite? READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buttocks? (photo)

If I have multiple abdominal liposuction's (to prevent sagging skin) and on the last session have abd. inner/outer thigh, flank & hips... READ MORE

What's the best body condition for Brazilian butt lift? Stay muscular or get soft? (Photo)

8 months ago I was very fit @ 138 lbs with stubborn fat on my back and abs. I wanted to do the fat transfer to butt. But now, after months of not... READ MORE

Does Anyone Believe a 67-year-old Wanting a BBL and Bra Roll Gone? (photo)

Ladies and gentlemen: Although I am 67, I have been told very often that I do not look my age; however my body has been aging since I was 15. I was... READ MORE

Fat Transer for the Shape I Want?

I had my first child 2 years ago. I am naturally curvy & its something ive always loved about myself. My measurements before my daughter were... READ MORE

Will a BBL with thigh lipo help with butt and thigh cellulite? Does BBL lift lower crease of butt and thighs? (photo)

I have cellulite on butt and thighs. Also my lower butt has some sagging at the lower crease. Will a bbl with thigh Lipo help with butt and thigh... READ MORE

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