BMI + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift, BMI is 29, is This Too High? (photo)

My BMI is around a 28-29. I am 5"9, 195-200lbs (depends which scale).... I would like to get my waist, upper back, arms, inner and outter thighs, as... READ MORE

Least BMI or Fat Percent Before BBL?

Iam on weightloss plan and still have 10 kg (30% fat) to reach my perfect weight(25% fat ) , iam scared to reach a stage where doctor will tell me... READ MORE

Is there an ideal BMI for Brazilian Butt Lift?

I think I've read less than 30? Does this vary depending on how your weight is distributed? For instance, My BMI is almost 31 right now (5'6", 190),... READ MORE

I would like between 1500-1800 cc's per cheek and hips...I'm 5'7 232 pounds with a BMI of this possible? (photo)

Non-Diabetic and I have no medical history of illness...Is this feasible? I have very large thighs so I think it would compliment a bigger rear than... READ MORE

Is weight loss a necessity for Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I am 5'9 / 205 i really like my size for my height is it really necessary for me to loss weight for a BBL. The BMI chart says I should be around 165... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a Brazilian butt Lift? (photos)

Please help me make the right decision. Im look for a round butt with projection and a little more hips if possible. ..... Im 5ft 7in I weigh in at... READ MORE

Why do doctors use BMI instead of Bodyfat? (Photo)

I weigh 175 lbs and I am 5"3, I am not obese although thats what my BMI configures me at. I run and workout 5-6 times a week. I know a patients BMI is... READ MORE

With a large frame (30 BMI), would it be optimal to have 1500 to 1800cc per cheek, plus 200-300cc on each hip?

After reading so many comments concerning BBL, my interpretation - with a large frame (30BMI) - that 1500 to 1800cc per check plus 200-300cc on each... READ MORE

Are evaluations about weight for Brazilian butt lift surgery based on BMI or appearance?

I'm interested in getting a BBL surgery. I weigh about 230 lbs but look like I weigh 185-190 lbs. I have always looked smaller than I actually weigh.... READ MORE

What would be the highest BMI acceptable for the Brazilian Butt Lift with lipo?

What would be the highest BMI acceptable for the BBL with lipo and fat transfer not implants.... I'm currently on my weight loss journey and have lost... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Liposuction/Brazilian Butt Lift? Recommendations? (Photo)

I'm 20, 5'6", and weigh 195 lbs. I realize my BMI at 31 isn't exactly ideal for the surgery, but I am content. The expected outcome is to reshape my... READ MORE

I know that some Docs want you to have a BMI 32 or less. My question is, suppose a person does not lose weight but loses inches?

My question is, suppose a person does not lose weight but loses inches? With the formula you use how would you be able to determine what their BMI is,... READ MORE

What is BMI? Why do doctors ask if you have an STD or Smoke?

What is BMI and what does it mean when they say your BMI can not exceed 34 and why do they ask if you smoke and if you have any STD's? READ MORE

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