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How Much Fat Needed to See Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

One doctor said I should put on 15 to 20 pounds of weight before the Brazilian butt lift surgery. The other doctor said he is willing to perform the... READ MORE

I Want Bbl W-fat Grafting- Vertical Fat Above and Below Belly Not to Hips. Mini-tt or Lipo? Also Previous Pilonidal Cyst Removed

5'1 145. 34DDD 38-28-39 Hips no volume on sides or in back. incision in pubic area from Myomectomy. 1. I have belly fat that is in the center,that... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Butt from Belly?

OMG I was reading a woman took some over loaded belly fat and had it placed on her BUTT is this a normal proceeder? I have so much belly and ZERO butt... READ MORE

If I Get a BBL Without a TT, Will the Skin on my Stomach Really Look Bad?

My dr requested i get one and he said after the bbl and the lipo of my stomach the skin will look saggy. im only 25 with no kids as of yet. if i dont... READ MORE

When you get a Brazilian butt lift, what areas are done and are some areas free?

I been reading so much about Brazilian butt lift and is so hard to get straight answers on what area are done n are some areas added as a package deal... READ MORE

BBL on a budget in LA (Photo)

Is there a way that I can get a BBL procedure within 8500 MAX ( which is the max I have been approved with care credit)? I am interested to have the... READ MORE

Is BBL good for my structure & do you think BBL alone can accomplish hourglass, nice hips, & heavy bottom look? (photo)

Hey, So I am 5' 7'' and I weigh about 135 pounds. I'm slender and a I have a small round butt, it isn't flat. My stomach is on the flat side but it's... READ MORE

What is body sculpture? What areas do you choose from and can you get a Brazilian butt lift with that?

I been reading about Brazilian butt life but I want my belly done also my arms . READ MORE

My concern areas are my stomach stretch marks & belly piercing rejection. I want my buttock bigger. Any suggestion? (photo)

What do you recommend? How much would the total cost be to fix this? Is it possible to get a hourglass shape? READ MORE

From the picture of my belly do I NEED a tt to get great results for lipo & bbl? (photo)

I have 2 children. Don't mind the stretch marks. Tummy tuck or nah? Lol I really don't want one. READ MORE

Would Liposuction on my belly for improve or ruin this already great Tummy Tuck result? (photos)

I am wanting a Brazilian Butt Lift: debating whether it is worth the risk of contour irregularity. I need an honest opinion: is it worth it or should... READ MORE

I don't have enough fat for Brazilian buttock lift. How to get an extra fat in my belly in a healthy way?

Hello Im a female 25 years old 158 cm / weight between 58 /60 Kilos. . My question is i was thinking of getting a Brazilian buttocks surgery to... READ MORE

BBL three weeks ago from today. Is this normal?

I have fluid in my belly and it looks lumpy to me also left foot swollen back hurts still swollen is this normal READ MORE

Is there a procedure that I can get the fat from my belly transferred fat to buttocks, hips, and thighs on a slim person?

Hi I am 22 years old with 2 children I am 5ft 8in and 125 lbs I am very skinny for my height but I have a fatter stomach than i want it's not tight at... READ MORE

Do I really have to wear the garment for three months?

Do I really have to wear the garment for three months or I can wear something else around my belly and my back READ MORE

After my second son, the weight was hard to lose and my belly still looks pregnant. Mommy makeover or BBL? (Photo)

I'm 34 y/o female about 5'5 and weigh 170 lbs, I'm a 40D bra size. I'm pretty much satisfied with my weight I just want to proportion my butt to match... READ MORE

Are you a specialist and specialize in fat transfers, can you do two different transfers at the same time? (Photo)

I want to transfer fats from my arms into my breast to lift my breast, and take fats from my belly and tights into my butt and hips. READ MORE

Will the fat stay?

Will the fat stay on your butt and out of your belly if your body already has consistant fat Storage content? I'm at 160lbs and I'm only 5'1" but it... READ MORE

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