6 Weeks Post-op + Brazilian Butt Lift

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What Type of Waist Cincher is Allowed After a Brazilian Butt Lift and Lipo?

I have had a brazilian butt lift with lipo to the abdomen, waist and love handles. My doctor gave me the ok to use a waist chincher. Most of the ones... READ MORE

BBL Areas Look Lumpy. Is 6 Wks Too Late to Use a New Garment to Assist? (photo)

I had lipo suw/ction with fat transfer to butt my tummy has a small lump but also overall looks lumpy I wore the garment provided by my dr along with... READ MORE

Regenerative Stem Cells? My Butt Shrank So Much At 6 Wks. Should I Just Wait it Out?

I had a BBL 8 wks ago my PS said that the graft of 650cc would shrink at 5 wks and be pure stem cells and regenerate by the summer b/c they would grow... READ MORE

Will Heavy Weight Lifting Make my Butt Bigger?

I just had a bbl six weeks ago im still not happy with the size sense the swelling went down if i do heavy weight squats ect with it look bigger or... READ MORE

Why Am I Feeling Soreness in my Butt when I Sit Down After my 6 Weeks Bbl Surgery?

Why Am I Feeling Soreness in my Butt when I Sit Down After my 6 Weeks Bbl Surgery? READ MORE

Do I need to worry about damaging things by sitting or sleeping?

At 6wks post op for my bbl w hips/lipo do I need to worry about damaging things by sitting the wrong way, sitting too long or sleeping? I know it... READ MORE

I had 5 litters of fat transferred to my buttock 6 weeks ago and I don't see results, can I sue? (photo)

I am 5foot 5 in and about 200 lbs my doctor injected 1050 cc in each checks is that enough for me? Dr took 5 litters of fat to my buttocks I... READ MORE

I am 6 weeks post opp, I had Brazilian butt lift, liposuction the back and flanks and a tummy tuck.

1) how long will it take for the stitches to fall out 2) do I need to continue wearing a compression garment 3) I seem to have lost a lot of volume on... READ MORE

Fat Grafting on Lipoed Areas After Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi, i recently had brazillian butt lift and am very happy with the way the doctor sculpted me. i am however concerned that in some areas the doctor... READ MORE

BBL Touch Up?

I had BBL about a month and a half ago. What bothers me is that my right cheek came out slightly smaller than my left one and it also flatter on the... READ MORE

Will diet pills attack the fat transferred after a BBL?

I was taking before my surgery. I am now 6 weeks post op....and would like to go back to my diet and exercise routine and yes, diet pills where in my... READ MORE

What can cause Liquid fat to bust through my skin, 5 and 6 weeks post op? (photos)

I had a brazilian butt and thigh lift 7 weeks ago. Some fat was injected into my outer thigh areas to fill in some defects. Post op I kept having... READ MORE

How soon after 6 weeks since my last Brazilian butt lift can I have a second BBL performed? I really want bigger hips. (photo)

I asked for most of the fat to be in my hips and the rest in my butt. I do not see much difference, my butt almost looks the same as b4 n I barely... READ MORE

Can any dr tell mr why my skin was burned during liposuction and how to take the scars away? (photo)

I had lipo and bbl July about 5 weeks ago. I went into surgery with no scars or burns, and now look at my skin. My dr said it could have been the... READ MORE

What can I do to keep the fat transfer in my buttocks?

I was told that if I drink Ensure during the first 3 months of post op, my buttocks will become visibly larger....I don't know how true that is, but... READ MORE

Why Am I Still Draining from Incisions on Buttock After a Month and a Half?

Ive been draining for over a month from one b incision, tgen two more opened and been b draining for 2 1/2 weeks now, went back to Miami to get them... READ MORE

I Had Brazilian Buttlift Done 5 Weeks Ago. I Have a 3k Mud Run Next Week, Will I Be Ok to Run?

I had brazilian buttlift done 5 weeks ago. I have a 3k mud run next week , will I be ok to run? I have been a runner prior to my surgery. THank you READ MORE

What can I do to flatten my stomach and retract the skin? What's the best garment I can get as mine has become too big? (Photo)

I am 6 weeks out from a bbl and my stomach has dents, uneven and lumpy. I also have some saggy skin because I have three kids. READ MORE

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