6 Ft 1 In To 6 Ft 4 In + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazillian Butt lift with fat taken from thighs not stomach. Is that possible? (Photo)

I want a larger butt and I'm 6'1 185. I have a flat stomach but really thick thighs. I want a brazilian butt lift but the fat taken from my thighs.... READ MORE

Hi im 6'2 145. How can I get a brazilian butt lift if I'm a slim person? (photo)

Im very tall and slim. Ive been reading and it says that"they take fat from other places to implant ect." I dont have fat my belly is surfboard flat!!... READ MORE

At 6'1, approximately 175 lbs, am I a good candidate for a BBL, hip augmentation. I'd like to have a more curvy shape. (photo)

I would like fuller hips, smaller waist, fuller bottom. But do I have enough fat. I'm slim but not in shape. Ectomorph body type READ MORE

Are there certain height and weight maximums for Brazilian Butt Lift candidacy?

I'm 6'3" & weigh 250lbs (BMI 31). I've always been heavier than I look, & played D1 college volleyball at 220lbs. I'm very healthy (aside from past... READ MORE

I'm 6'1 and 152 lbs. Do I have enough fat to get the shape and volume of the butt? (photos)

I'm trying to get 1000ccs per each cheek hopefully more please let me know if I could and how much would a bbl be for me? READ MORE

How much weight should I lose before getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction and Breast Augmentation? (Photo)

And in what order should I do the surgeries? I'm 18 yrs. old and 6'1 currently. At 12, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and I gained 150 lbs in 6... READ MORE

I'm really interested in BBL. I'm 6'1 and I'm about 170 lbs. Would I get good results?

Should I build butt muscle before or after bbl, I.e squats and lunges and stuff. I have a slim frame, but I have a Lil jiggle. READ MORE

I want a bb. Some docs say I don't have enough fat to get dramatic result. I want a lot of projection. Can protein drinks help?

Will serious mass like a protein drink help with allot of calories and eating to? I'm 6'1 and 152 lbs. READ MORE

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