10 Days Post-op + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Will 2 Hr Flight 10 Days After W/ a Doughnut Drastically Reduce the Results of BBL?

I got the whole "no sitting" for 3 weeks. I'm flying to Miami for my procedure. I want to maintain as much fat as possible and my... READ MORE

Why Wearing This Garment Hurts my Body So Much? (photo)

Is been 10 days, since I had lipo on my upper & lower stomach and flanks with fat transfer to my butt, surgery went pretty good. Now my question... READ MORE

Will Results Round out After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I just had a Brazilian butt lift and lipo done 10 days ago. I can see the difference, but I still don't feel like it look the way i thought it would... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Ride a 6.5hr Plane Ride After a 10day Recovery Stay for the Brazilianbuttlift?

Is It Ok to Ride a 6.5hr Plane Ride After a 10day Recovery Stay for the Brazilianbuttlift? READ MORE

Was 660 CC's Enough Harvested for my BBL? Will My Waist Get Smaller Over Time?

Pre-op i was 5'9 170lbs my measurments were 36-31-40 i got 660 cc's per cheek. now I'm 11 days post-op and my measurments are 34-31-44 and... READ MORE

I'm 10 Post Op from Tt, Lipo, Fat Transfer to Butt. Still No Good Results. I'm So Sad?

I'm 10 weeks post op tt, lipo, fat transfer to butt.I still don't see not result. This is really sending me to a depressed stage.I'm so unhappy with... READ MORE

Is it okay for me to be at work sitting down on my butt? (photo)

I had Lipo and a BBL. but I had to go back to work after only like 10 days of bed rest.Is it okay for me to be at work sitting down on my butt. I try... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op when Should my Stitches Have Dissolved?

Hi there I had my Brazilian Butt Lift surgery 10 days ago and my stitches are still in place. Should I leave them to dissolve naturally or remove them... READ MORE

Tubes Not Draining Fast Enough, Does Massage Help? (photo)

What happens if my tubes from BBL are not done draining the min. amount after 10 days and I need to fly home. I love my PS by the way but he is not a... READ MORE

Post Op 10 Days and Swelling Has Gone Down Alot and Butt is Softening Pretty Quickly is This Normal?

5`7 185 lbs.. Had bbl done 10 days ago and my swelling has went down a lot and my butt is very soft on one side and getting softer on the other is... READ MORE

BBL 9 days post opp lower back pain and numbness, How long does the pain last?

I had a BBL 9 days ago and I'm healing very well my only serious problem is I am experiencing alot of pain and numbness in my lower back.. Any idea... READ MORE

I'm 5 feet tall and weight 105 lbs. Got bbl 11 days ago and it's way too big. What should I do now? :(

Doctor gave me 950cc on each butt cheek. My butt is way way too big for me. I've been so depressed everyday looking at it. All is do is cry and cry... READ MORE

Should I Worry About Flying Post Brazilian Butt Augmentation?

Will a 90 minute flight 9-10 days post op compromise my results (reduce fat cell viability rate)? My doctor says I can fly after 7 days but everything... READ MORE

I Had Brazilian Butt Lift 10 Days Ago and I Am Prescribed Adderall Can I Start Taking It Again?

I know it is a vasoconstrictor and I dont want to take it if I am going to kill anymore fat? Thanks READ MORE

Braxilian but Lift 10 Days Post Op?

It still hurts to walk alot . It hurts to lay down . I went to the doctor he saids I'm fine . He checked for abcess nothing . Now I'm just taking pain... READ MORE

10 days post op of Brazilian Butt Lift, I have lumps and dents. Should I massage the area?

I had a bbl 10 days ago. one side is going down fater then the other. and i am seeing big dents. should i massage the area? READ MORE

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