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How Long Does It Take to Expand/widen Arches with Braces?

I am finishing up with my braces, I have had them for 4 years, my orthodontist is going to try to widen the arches a little, he says a couple of... READ MORE

Will widening my arch fix bicuspid extraction results?

I am 21 years old and had an over jet. I got two upper bicuspids extracted.Its been 8months since I originally got braces and 6 since the extraction.... READ MORE

Broader Smile with Retainers? (photo)

I took off the braces a few years back and have been wearing wire retainers ever since. I am, however, not satisfied with my smile and would like to... READ MORE

What type of treatment would be recommended and how long would treatment be to widen my arch and straighten my teeth? (Photo)

I had braces as a teenager and didn't weasr my retainer after they came off. I'm 33 years old now and I can't comfortably close my mouth anymore... READ MORE

Can orthodontics widen a smile for a 50 year old?

I had braces at age 25-29 and the smile is quite narrow with shadows at the edge of the smile. The original orthodontist pulled eight teeth and the... READ MORE

Widening palette from thumb sucking

Hi I'm 30 I have a very narrow arch and high palette I really want a wide smile as I'm embarrassed of it. I had braces on befor but they didn't work... READ MORE

Gaps Widening Between Teeth After Pregnancy?

I just had a baby six weeks ago and have noticed two very slight gaps in my teeth have widened quite a bit. I saw my dentist at around four months... READ MORE

Can Orthordontist Widen Gap Between Teeth to Make It Wider? I Miss It :(

Can orthordontist widen gap between teeth to make it wider? I had braced at 17 to close a gap and two gap on the side of my two front teeth. After... READ MORE

Can V-shaped Arch Be Widened with Standard Metal Braces?

Is it possible to change narrow, V-shaped arch to U-shaped using standard, metal braces? I'm 20 yo. READ MORE

Can I use Braces without Jaw Surgery? (photos)

Hi im 33 yo and I have high canines, I have wanted to fix this forever and I consult already 2 orthodontics but both told me I need to do a jaw... READ MORE

How do you tell if openbite is caused by dental skeletal or habit? Who can determine this for you? Can braces widen smile? photo

I am 26. Tried braces and headgear to fix open bite when teen. Have tongue thrust. Dad had open bite. I have a one crooked tooth and top teeth are... READ MORE

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