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Can I Get Braces on my Upper Teeth Only?

I would like to know, can I get braces just on my upper teeth, or should I have it done on my bottom teeth as well? My bottom teeth are okay. READ MORE

Will Braces Work to Fix Teeth Spacing? (photo)

I am a sophomore in high school and I am very self-conscious of my teeth, I don't smile in any pictures and I cover my mouth when I laugh. I have... READ MORE

Can Orthognathic Surgery Help Me? If So, How Long Would I Wear Braces?

I'm a forty-two-year old male who was born with unattractive teeth. That being, it was both a blessing and a curse that I had absolutely no upper... READ MORE

Can I Have Ceramic Braces Only for Upper Jaw to Address Diastema? (photo)

I have large gap between my maxillary central incisors although my mandibular teeth are perfect. Can I have ceramic braces only for upper jaw? will it... READ MORE

Can upper crooked teeth be straightened without correcting an underbite?

Can upper crooked teeth be straightened without correcting the underbite? I have been advised surgery to fix underbite and I am terrified with the... READ MORE

16 months post op Braces, I still have overbite. Should I have extractions now? (photos)

I have moderate crowding and overbite before brace, and a small lower jaw. 3 orthodontists said I don't need extractions except wisdom teeth, other 2... READ MORE

Can Braces can fix my underbite & align my upper teeth and lower teeth without doing any surgery?

Hi, I'm female 20y/o. I just want to ask. If braces can fix my underbite without doing any surgery. And I can align my upper teeth and lower teeth. READ MORE

My two of my upper front teeth is a bit big and go over the bottom teeth. What can I do?

Two of my upper front teeth is a bit big and go over the bottom teeth. I am not happy with this at all. What can i do READ MORE

Do you know why my upper teeth/jaw are slanted whenever I smile? (Photo)

I got my braces when I was 18 and I had it for 2 1/2 years. I had a crossbite case. I noticed that my smile on the pictures they look slanted even tho... READ MORE

I have a minor spacing issue in my upper teeth, and overjet. How long would alignment last with self-ligating ceramic braces?

How many months and how often would I have to visit the dentist? How are these braces compared to invisible aligners? READ MORE

Do I need tooth extraction? (photos)

I just had braces put on. My dentist told me I need extraction of 2 upper teeth. My panoramic xray says I have 2 wisdom teeth upper and 1 lower right... READ MORE

Will my teeth and crossbite be able to be fixed with just braces? (Photo)

My upper teeth are slated sideways but i am missing the canine and my orthodontist is pulling it down to were its suppose to be. My lower teeth are... READ MORE

Please advise if braces could make corrections/improve my facial structure? (Photo)

Please see if i need to wear braces to improve facial structure. Got perfect set of teeth, just worried cause my upper and lower teeth are both... READ MORE

Is having 4 teeth extracted to get braces necessary for my teeth to be properly aligned? (Photo)

I am 21, will soon be getting braces and was told due to my over crowding I need to have 4 teeth extracted, 2 upper and 2 lower bicuspid. I've been... READ MORE

I feel my upper teeth are hidden behind my upper lip and do not show at all when I talk or smile. Is surgery needed to correct?

I have been wearing braces for the past two years to correct an underbite and spacing between my teeth. According to my orthodontist the braces should... READ MORE

I have had diastema, can upper Braces close the gap between my front teeth? (photo)

I have had diastema in my front teeth since I was child. I also have a slight overbite. I'm planning to have upper braces only. Will metal/ceramic... READ MORE

My upper-teeth are slanted and my dentist told me that Braces won't help me. What are my options? (photo)

My upper-teeth are slant and my dentist told me that braces won't help me. What should I do to whiten my teeth? I do not want to undergo surgery. What... READ MORE

How much would braces cost and how long would it take to fix my one snaggletooth on my upper set of teeth? (Photo)

I am 23. I know my teeth are far from perfect, but I have a problem with my one snaggletooth. I don't have insurance and am hoping to be able to save... READ MORE

Do I need Braces on my upper teeth as well as the bottom? (photos)

My teeth were removed 15 years ago in an attempt to get braces. i was told they had to remove them for braces that i never got. 10 years later i got... READ MORE

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