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How Long Will my Teeth Take to Straighten?

I have braces for a month now to correct my 4 front teeth so I can smile nicely. I have no problems with my bite, it's just my crooked front... READ MORE

How Long Would I Need Braces for Teeth Gaps?

I have straight teeth but between each tooth, I have a small to medium sized gap and a little bit of an overbite. I'm just hoping it won't take long... READ MORE

Are Adult Braces Worth the Trouble?

Are adult braces work the trouble? I am older and am wondering if it's too late to get adult braces, if not physically then practically? READ MORE

Will a Retainer Fix a Mild Overbite Without Braces?

Will a retainer help a slight overbite due to sucking my fingers at a young age? It's not as bad as most thumbsucker's teeth, but I wanted to know if... READ MORE

How to Fix Misaligned Tooth from Not Wearing Retainers?

I didn't wear retainers, wisdom teeth not taken out, now teeth have moved. I wore my retainer every day/night for a year after my braces were taken... READ MORE

Getting Braces After Pulled Wisdom Teeth?

If I get my wisdom teeth pulled before I get Braces, how long after getting them pulled do I have to wait to get my braces? READ MORE

Can Braces Move An Adults Jaw Forward Even Slightly?

I am 26 and have an ugly overbight. mild crowding and they are not straight it seems like my jaw is not as far forward as it should be . my bite is... READ MORE

Invisalign After Traditional Braces - Worth the Money?

I'm 35 years old and had traditional braces 15 years ago. Because I didn't wear my retainer, my lower set of teeth have shifted quite a bit.... READ MORE

Can a Spring Aligner/Retainer Be Used to Straighten my 4 Upper Front Teeth? (photo)

I have never had braces- my teeth are fairly straight with some crowding on the top. Can a spring aligner (like Inman) be used to "push/tip" them into... READ MORE

What is the Cost of Accelerated Orthodontics?

There is little real information available about the cost of accelerated orthodontics, and I understand that there's a range but I'd like to... READ MORE

What Would I Need to Do to Make my Teeth Straight and How Much Would It Cost? (Photos)

What Would I Need to Do to Make my Teeth Straight and How Much Would It Cost? (Photos Included) READ MORE

Braces Closing a Molar Gap

Hello, I have braces on to straighten my teeth and only have 6 months to go. I also have a missing molar. I spoke to my dentist about closing the... READ MORE

Do braces push teeth back? (photos)

Often time its stated that braces are primarily for straightening teeth. My question is that, if one has an overbite can braces push this backwards... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Straighten Teeth?

What's the best way to straighten teeth? Are traditional braces the way to go or is there a better way? READ MORE

How can I straighten my frount teeth without braces or costly items?

Hiya, my two frount teeth are crooked but the rest of my teeth are okay. I have a modelling shoot next year and I need my teeth fixed quickly.i know... READ MORE

Got braces, but my arches are still narrow and I have a narrow face. Can palate expander help improve width of arches? (photo)

I wore braces for 2 years, which straightened my teeth. I have straight teeth, but narrow arches. I wear retainer at night for upper teeth. Can an... READ MORE

What Key Factors and Benefits Are Considered when Choosing Between Metal Braces and Surgical Alternatives?

What would be the most reliable option for having a healthy bite and reduce the risk of further problems later? When is surgery needed? READ MORE

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