Root Canal + Braces

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Can a Root Canal Be Performed While the Person is Wearing Braces?

After a bad experience having invisalign done by a dentist, I decided to have braces. Tooth 9 got really sensitive with invisalign. After 2 months, it... READ MORE

I Have Just Finished my Root Canal Treatment, How Long Should I Wait to Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Dear Doctor, I have just finished my root canal treatment and my endodontist said that it takes about 6 month for the bone to completely heal. It has... READ MORE

High canine teeth, what would be my solution? (photo)

Im 21, I know ill probably need braces but im wondering how long it would take for my canines to come down lower with braces? Would I also need to... READ MORE

Can you get Invisalign or braces after a root canal and a crown?

I had a root canal done and a crown put on because about 2 years ago I broke half of my tooth. Now I have a bit of a gap so I was wondering if I could... READ MORE

Can I still have ceramic braces even if my front teeth has had root canal and a crown that was attached with a dental pivot?

What i have is an artificial crown attached to the root of a tooth by a usually metallic pin —called also pivot crown.... what im scared is that it... READ MORE

Can I get braces to close gaps where I had teeth pulled 3 years ago?

I have had 3 teeth removed due to cavities and a root canal one on top and 2 on bottom... all of them were my 2nd premolars (bicuspids) so on one side... READ MORE

Braces After Root Canal on Front Tooth?

I had a root canal made on my left front tooth because of a big cavity. I had braces before, but I think I have to put them on again. So I would like... READ MORE

Root Canal Before or After Braces?

Hi, I have a problem on my upper pre molar. It is cracked! My doctor suggested that I have to have root canal and crown before I put the braces on.... READ MORE

My Front Tooth Was Slightly Cracked Near to the Gum. I Did a Root Canal. I've Always Had an over Bite, Can I Still Wear Braces?

My Front Tooth Was Slightly Cracked Closer to the Gum. I Did a Root Canal. I've Always Had an over Bite, Can I Still Wear Braces READ MORE

Am I at Greater Risk for Root Canals W Braces at 61 Yrs. I Just Had Two and Am Told I Need Two More?

I wonder if braces can traumatized the blood supply and nerve of teeth. I am shocked I will need four done....two already.... Your opinion? READ MORE

Moving Two Teeth, #23 & #6? (photo)

I have had a history of bad teeth: crooked, cavities, 2 root canals, and 3 crowns. I have at long last gotten all of the health issues dealt with, but... READ MORE

Can I Get Braces on a Non-crowned, Root Canal Tooth?

I have had great sucess with this root canal and it has been stablized inside with a tube or something else. i plan to get braces on in a month an was... READ MORE

Need to Get Braces and Orthodontist Advised to Extract One Upper Central Incisor Teeth. What to Do?

I was 7yr when my right upper central incisor got shaky as my friend pushed me.I went for root canal treatememt but that dentist perforated my maxilla... READ MORE

I have a buck teeth, deep bite & root canal on one of front teeth. Which braces would be suitable; Lingual, Invisalign? (photo)

I was 14 years old when had a root canal treatment. Now i am 35 and i came to know that adult braces can solve the problem.Is it possible to get... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Experience Extra Tenderness on a Root Canal Tooth After Getting Braces Put On?

I had a root canal about 2 months ago and got the stableizing tube in and filler but no crown. I got braces put on 2 days ago and notice that tooth is... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait after I get my root canal done so I can put my braces on?

I am suppose to get 2 root canals on the upper left incisor and upper left lateral incisor and I am suppose to get braces on but I don't know how long... READ MORE

Urgent Extraction Vs Root Canal? (photo)

Hi, im 18 years of age and i recently went to a dentist to realize that my back molar is not only decayed but my wisdom tooth is growing at 90 degrees... READ MORE

Once I am done with root canal therapy can I get braces? Or do I have to get crown than the braces?

Okay, So I was told by my dentist that I need root canal. I wanted to know that once I am done with root canal therapy can I get braces? Or do I have... READ MORE

Can I get braces without having to get a root canal?

I have already had 1 root canal and I'm supposed to get 1 more before I can get braces but I read that there can be some bad side effects. Is it... READ MORE

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