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When is a Retainer Used Rather Than Braces?

I would rather not get braces to correct my crooked teeth. How effective are retainers when used as an alternative to braces? READ MORE

Can I Safely Have my Teeth Whitened After my Braces Come Off?

Does the cement used in attaching braces to my teeth pose problems for teeth whitening after having braces removed? Should I have my teeth whitened by... READ MORE

What Are the Options if Braces Won't Correct an Overbite?

Will I likely need to have my jaw broken to correct an overbite if regular braces are not enough? What procedures are available? READ MORE

I Just Got Braces for my Overjet a Month Ago. How Long Till I See Some Difference? (photo)

I'm 24, I have been wearing braces (upper teeth) for just a month now. During my 1st adjustment 3 days ago, my orthodontist said there was no teeth... READ MORE

Nearing the end of my Braces Treatment but I'm not 100% happy. Do I have further treatment options? (photos)

I am nearing the end of my braces treatment. My teeth have improved a lot, but honestly, I am still not 100% happy with the result. I am worried about... READ MORE

I am a 17 year old female. Would thumb Sucking with Braces ruin the final result? (photos)

I am a 17 year old female who despite having braces on for 15 months can't stop sucking my thumb. Since I have been sucking my thumb since I was 3... READ MORE

I am nearing the end of my Braces treatment. Is this an acceptable overbite/overjet result? (photos)

I am a 28 y/o female being treated with traditional braces + 4 bicuspid extractions. I am nearing the end of my treatment and would look to know if my... READ MORE

Can my deep overbite/overjet return after braces are removed? It was fixed and looks great now, but can I relapse?

I had a deep overjet/overbite to a point where my top teeth were almost completely covering my lower teeth, and my lower jaw was noticeably receded.... READ MORE

My orthodontist didn't pass the wire through one of the front tooth brackets. Why is this? (Photo)

My Orthodontist didn't put the wire through the brace in one of my front teeth. That particular tooth is already leaning backward. I am worried that... READ MORE

Braces coming off soon. Would you be happy with these results? (photo)

I am a middle-aged woman and have had my braces on for a year to fix some fairy minor crookedness.  My orthodontist is almost ready to take them... READ MORE

How can occlusion be fixed if I get the top braces removed?

I have had top braces for 4 years now...long story, and still not happy with the result but it is what it is. Now I am getting my bottoms done but was... READ MORE

Is it still possible to restore my original great result? (photo)

I had braces in college w/premolar extractions and the result was fantastic! For 7 years I wore my retainer faithfully until it broke 2 years ago. I... READ MORE

Which is a better orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth, Invisalign or Braces?

Which is the better teeth straightening treatment for a normal person, braces or invisalign? Or is there any other treatments which provide faster and... READ MORE

Is this an acceptable result after 3 years of Braces? (photos)

I got braces specifically to fix my crossbite and overbite, I also had an upper palate expander for a year. My braces were removed about 6 months ago... READ MORE

Is 22 months accurate based on 3 month results? (photos)

My orthodontist estimated 22 months. However these are my 3 month results. Does this seem correct? I have a very minute overbite. READ MORE

If the orthodontist doesn't have the correct picture of my teeth before treatment, how does that impact my treatment?

I have been wearing braces for almost 2 years and have seen very little results. Yesterday when the dr. was looking at my "before" pictures he said... READ MORE

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