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What Are Some Quick Solutions Besides Braces for Spaced out Teeth? (photo)

My teeth are extremely spaced out, i dont want to get braces because they take too long. I was wondering if there are any quick solutions to my... READ MORE

What Could Fix my Teeth Fast? (photo)

I have a large gap in my front teeth and one of front teeth is crooked and I have a overbite. How can I fix this fast READ MORE

Protruding Teeth After Braces. Any Quick Fix?

I was able to wear braces twice in my life but failed to maintain my retainers as i would always lose them. now my problem is that im into pageants... READ MORE

Is There A Faster Way To Treat My Teeth? (photo)

I'm 15 years old, and perfectly happy with all my teeth, except for my canine which is tilted severely to the back. It is the only reason why I don't... READ MORE

What would be the quickest way to fix my teeth. (photos)

I believe its a overjet/open its situation. The front part doesn't meet, and and seems oval in shape. The cheaper the better. READ MORE

Which one would take the least amount of time and be better for me? (Photo)

You Can clearly see that i have a gap at the top and Bottom. I also have little gaps between the rest of my teeth. I am Thinking Of Getting either... READ MORE

Oral Surgery, How Long is the Entire Process?

I am 29 years old and have an anterior open bite. I had braces from the age of 9 to 14, originally for an overbite. Once the braces came off my bite... READ MORE

Can ceramic braces on the top and metal on the bottom really make my smile look better in 4 months? (Photo)

I'm 50 in 4 months and want to improve my smile. I'd like to straighten and rotate my front teeth and lose the gap. Also if possible to widen my... READ MORE

Fast Correction for my Teeth?

I finished my Orthodontic in 5-month only, and my lower teeth were moving in just one day to another place and Canine move in three months my doctor... READ MORE

What will make my teeth straighten faster? (Photo)

Hi I am Caitlyn and I gonna be a cheerleader and I want my smile to be pretty but my teeth are really messed up is there something faster than braces... READ MORE

I don't want Braces for a whole year. Am I a candidate for crowns or veneers?

I have a crowded teeth many dentist advise me for braces I am going to choose crown but not braces because its not take too much time and also good.... READ MORE

I'm 23 yr old male and I have crossbite. Can it be corrected in very short time span?

So please tell me the procedure which takes the least time and also tell me the time it will take. READ MORE

How long does it take to close the gap between teeth? (Photo)

I want to wear braces as fast as possible.. My teeth are small and have many gap between them. It looks just like a 9 years old kids teeth and I'm 15.... READ MORE

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