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Possibility of Teeth Relapse After the Removal of Braces?

I had braces to close gaps in my two front teeth, and on the front bottom teeth. The treatment process included pushing the teeth inwards so that... READ MORE

Braces, 2 Retainers, Rubber Bands... Feels Like Too Much. What Alternatives Do I Have? (photo)

First of all I am the worse patient I do not follow the protocol. Currently I have braces, with a permenant retainer on the bottom, expanding... READ MORE

Options Besides Tooth Extraction and Braces?

My dentist discovers that I still have a baby tooth and a permanent tooth above it in my gums. He suggests that I get the baby tooth removed and wear... READ MORE

Can I Get a Permanent Retainer for the First Six Months and then Switch to a Hawley to Wear at Night?

I don't want to have to have metal showing in my mouth after I get my braces off but i dont want metal still glued on my teeth for a while either so... READ MORE

Permanent teeth moving after braces??

I got my braces about 6 days ago. Today I noticed 2 of my bottom teeth moving, like literally wiggling when I touched it. All of my teeth are... READ MORE

Does permanent retainers prevent jaw growth?

I had four bicuspids removed for orthodontics back when I was 14. I'm 22 now, and not happy with my maxilla pushed back. I'm not able to afford... READ MORE

I have crowns on front 6 teeth on upper jaw. They are permanent. Can I still use braces?

My original teeth are still in place but were made very small and bit pointed also while putting crown. Please suggest. Thanks. READ MORE

My Top Row of Teeth Have Shifted. Can I Ask my Orthodontist for a Permanent Retainer or the Braces Back on for the Top?

I got my braces off 6 months ago, my front four teeth on my top row have moved even though I have a retainer. I feel like my retainer is slowly being... READ MORE

Front Teeth separating due to gums overflowing inside my permanent retainers. What can I do?

I've had my braces removed a few months over three years now with a frenectomy done and permanent retainers placed behind my two front teeth. No... READ MORE

Will my wire retainer permanently move my teeth back, and is it causing any harm to do so?

I had braces about 13 years ago, and up until about 5 years ago I wore my retainers nightly. I've noticed some shifting of my front teeth (upper and... READ MORE

What should I do about my permanent retainer? (photos)

I just got a permanent retainer on the back of my two front teeth after closing the gap in them with rubber bands. The problem is that I keep biting... READ MORE

Would the 6 Month Smiles braces or permanent retainer be a good option for straightening my top teeth? (photos)

I had braces about ten years ago when I was thirteen. As a thirteen year old, wearing my retainer wasn't always a top priority of mine. My top teeth... READ MORE

I have a fake tooth in the place of a permanent front tooth that was lost. I have to get braces soon. What are my options?

I am also not old enough to get an implant yet. My orthodontist told me that my braces wouldn't be able to go on the fake tooth as it wouldn't be... READ MORE

Can my deep overbite/overjet return after braces are removed? It was fixed and looks great now, but can I relapse?

I had a deep overjet/overbite to a point where my top teeth were almost completely covering my lower teeth, and my lower jaw was noticeably receded.... READ MORE

A Top Cuspid That Needs to Be Pushed Back? (photos)

I had a baby cuspid a while back ago that had a permanent cuspid trying to move in. The permeate cuspid ended up going in front of the baby cuspid... READ MORE

Can wearing both a permanent retainer & 4 braces on the same teeth front & back together help shifting?

I have had a permanent retainer for 3 months on my bottom teeth & due to shifting, my orthodontist just put 4 braces on my front 4 bottom teeth to... READ MORE

Do I still need my permanent retainer or will my teeth be worse than they were originally?

I had braces on my top teeth only for an Impacted Canine ( i wouldn't have had braces if it wasn't for that). I got a permanent retainer behind my... READ MORE

I am wondering what is the best way to fix (again) my teeth. Any suggestions? (photos)

When I was young, about 16, I had some kind of cosmetic enhancement on six of my front teeth that was supposed to last about 5 years. I have no idea... READ MORE

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